A Little Bit Racist?

I watched the first part of TVNZ’s series ‘That’s a Bit Racist’, and it was the most biased, one-sided and in itself racist programme that I had ever seen. It was brought about, of course, by the dreadful Christchurch massacre, but that was the first mistake. The mosque shootings were perpetrated by a non-New Zealander, who identified as an ‘eco-fascist’ and targeted Muslims because of their birth rate. Islam is a religion, not a race, and so the attacks, dreadful as they were, were not racially motivated.

The programme missed the point altogether that inherently, everyone is racist. I lived in Hong Kong for a while and the local Chinese, 98% of the population, clearly thought that they were the superior race. I didn’t blame them for thinking that because I thought I belonged to the superior race too. None of us is right or wrong. It is all just a matter of personal opinion.

This programme detailed a number of incidents where people felt they had been racially profiled, and they might be right, but they might equally be wrong.

Columnist and comedian Oscar Kightley – who, if we’re honest, is a national treasure – revealed the reason why his comedy troupe The Naked Samoans don’t go to Christchurch. You guessed it, racism.
Despite being a group of household names and national icons, Kightley says they were subjected to not one but two shocking instances of racist prejudice when performing there. They arrived to perform and the stage security wouldn’t let them into the dressing room in case they stole something, he recalls. After the show, a bartender refused to serve them unless they could prove they had money.


Oscar Kightley’s comedy troupe is called The Naked Samoans. He brings attention to their race right there, so can hardly then expect everyone to ignore it. If he really was treated the way he says, then that is a disgrace, but was this really true? Did the barman actually demand to see their money before he agreed to give them drinks? Most bar staff don’t hand over drinks until they are paid for, no matter what colour you are.

I know a very successful businessman who is a Maori. He told me once that he is often ignored in restaurants, as the waiting staff don’t want to serve him. This man is attractive, presentable and well dressed, so I believed that he was being racially profiled and was duly horrified.

A couple of weeks later, however, I had a similar experience in a restaurant. Nothing we did seemed to get the wait staff to take our order. The waitress was European, and so am I. Instead of thinking that she was racist, I just assumed she was inefficient. And then I wondered… are such things interpreted as racism sometimes when really it is just staff overwork or inefficiency? Maybe sometimes people are a little too sensitive?

Oscar Kightley may be right that the barman was being racist, but I have had a similar attitude to white people at times. Sometimes, you just know someone is not going to pay or behave in an acceptable way, and race has nothing to do with it.

If anything, I think most Kiwis have become much more multicultural in the last decade or so, and it is happening naturally. The professional office where I worked in the 1990s had less than 10% non-Europeans. That office now has over 30% non-Europeans. No one bats an eyelid, and nor should they.

I was in my local dairy a couple of weeks ago. It is run by an Indian family. The man behind the counter was watching the cricket. I made a racial assumption and commented that the Black Caps had dodged a bullet by having their game against India rained off. He was having none of it. “Nah,” he said. “We can beat India no trouble”. The British born woman hi-fived the man of Indian descent in a show of national support for ‘our’ cricket team. We are both New Zealanders and proud of it.

I liked that.

Hone Harawira is a racist. He said he would not allow his daughter to date a ‘mo fo’ white man. That wasn’t mentioned in TVNZ’s programme.

We are all racist, to some extent, because it is human nature. Upbraiding people constantly for being racist does nothing for racial harmony. It just reminds you that people are different from you when you might not have thought about it before. Programmes like this make racism worse, not better. Those of us who interact perfectly harmoniously with those of other races on a daily basis feel insulted by this patronising attitude.

It is like we are being told – you can judge white people by their manners, their attitudes and their honesty, but do that to a non-white person and you are a racist. Non-white people cannot be judged by the same standards as you judge other white people, and that is just wrong.

And yet, as I watched the Cricket World Cup final (yes… let’s not go there), I was struck by how multicultural we really have become. From Trent Boult of Ngati Tahu descent, to Ross Taylor who is part Samoan, to Ish Shodi who was born in India, to Colin de Grandhomme, who was born in Zimbabwe… to Jofra Archer, born in Barbados, Adil Raschid of Pakistani descent, to former England captain Nassar Hussein in the commentary box, and all those children of Indian descent in the Lord’s crowd with the English flag painted on their faces (not to mention those waving New Zealand flags)… it seems to me were are doing okay in the racial stakes. Not perfectly, maybe, but still okay.

If only these supposed do-gooders would just let us treat people with the respect they deserve… whatever colour they are.

The world is already a melting pot. Let’s let it melt naturally, without forcing anyone to behave in a way that they don’t like and won’t accept.

Brother against Brother…

An Auckland couple were given 90 days notice 4 days before the July 1st deadline for higher levels of insulation, because the landlord had not completed the work on time.

Unfortunately, if the landlord had not completed the work on time, he had no choice. It is now illegal to have tenants in a rental property where the insulation does not meet the new legal standards, and the tenant can demand a payment of $4000 for failure to comply.

Please note that the payment goes to the tenant, not the government.

A couple who were evicted from their home of 10 years four days before new rules to make rental properties warmer and drier came into effect are considering legal action against their landlord.

On Thursday, the pair from Henderson in West Auckland received a letter saying they had to leave the house within 90 days so the homeowner could renovate it to meet insulation standards.

Landlords had until Monday to ensure their rental properties met the standards, which require that rental properties must have underfloor and ceiling insulation. Those who have failed to comply with the regulations can be forced to pay their tenants up to $4000.

The wife said the house had been in a state of disrepair for some time – they had put buckets out every time it rained because the roof leaked, but multiple property managers had overlooked the issues.

They were still living there, though. Why? Because the rent reflected the state of the property, and the few rentals available.

“I have to say, we feel pretty gutted about it all.”
To make matters worse, the woman’s husband, who is in his 70s, has heart problems and the couple doubted they could find suitable rental accommodation in their price range because they have dogs.

So, they have dogs, they are on a limited income, so they are not in a great position. Nevertheless, the offer to dob in the landlord was just too tempting.

They planned to ask for the $4000 from their landlord because the landlord had failed to bring the property up to standard by the July 1 deadline and would then look at legal action.

Phil Twyford is trying to push a law that says that landlords cannot just evict tenants without a good reason (although failing to bring a property up to the required legal standard in time must qualify as a good reason) but this has not happened yet. In other words, the landlord is within his rights to give the tenant notice… and it is likely that there is nothing that they can do about it. Yet.

Auckland Tenants’ Protection Association co-ordinator Angela Maynard said kicking tenants out to avoid complying with the law seemed like “a rather stupid idea” for landlords.
She believed tenants who had been evicted over the standards could file an application with the Tenancy Tribunal for retaliatory notice.
A retaliatory notice is where a landlord issues a tenant with an eviction notice in retaliation to a tenant standing up for their rights.


This will be an interesting case if it does ever get to court. A landlord is not allowed to have tenants living in a property that is not compliant. In this case, it seems that the landlord has opted to do a number of renovations at the same time… but didn’t want to risk being fined $4000 for non compliance.

He had obviously read his tenants well.

Yesterday, I was in my favourite Asian store, buying multiple boxes of Chinese teabags. Normally, of course, they would give me a plastic bag. They didn’t offer one, but I had momentarily forgotten about the total ban. I almost asked for one… and then stopped. The last thing I would want would be to get them into trouble for trying to look after their customers, in case there was a climate Nazi in the queue behind me. So I left the store, juggling boxes of teabags, reminding myself for the millionth time to bring bags when I go shopping.

What I don’t like here is the insidious attitude in these policies, both of which came in on the same day, that the authorities will do nothing, but instead will rely on people dobbing in errant landlords and errant shopkeepers.

Since when did we live in a society where people dobbed in others to the authorities, for relatively minor infringements – particularly the plastic bags?

This government is pitching ordinary people against each other. Just like China under Chairman Mao, or Russia under Stalin, we can now dob in people we don’t like, even if they have done nothing wrong. What is stopping one of the other Asian stores in Lower Hutt from dobbing in one of the others, just to ruin their business?

All of this sounds like the Stasi to me.

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

What do you think, Comrade?

She has More Cheek Than a Fat Ladies Bottom

by SB on July 2, 2019 at 9:00am

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been pointing the finger at Simon Bridges and the National party for their stance over the UN Migration pact. Considering “Comrade” Ardern’s personal background as the president of the Far-left International Union of Socialist Youth she has a hell of a cheek.

Someone who said “Comrade” 15 times in just 7 minutes has no business berating Simon Bridges because someone somewhere decided that people who are against the UN Migration pact are far-right politically.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has slammed the National Party over its stance on the UN migration compact […]
And while she wouldn’t say whether she thought National was trying to court far-right voters, she did not dispute Winston Peters’ description of the movement opposing the compact as neo-Nazi.

Instead of debating the issues, she is smearing her opponents. It is like the sheep in the political fable Animal Farm. ” Four legs gooood…two legs baaaad,” except in her case it is Far-left gooood…far-right baaaad or more to the point For Pact gooood, Against Pact baaaad.

The Government signed up to the compact at the end of last year despite claims from the National Party that it would restrict the ability of future governments to decide on which migrants were welcome and which weren’t.
Legal advice from Crown Law and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that the compact was not legally binding, nor did it restrict New Zealand from setting its own migration policies.
But National leader Simon Bridges stood by his earlier stance, saying in a statement that New Zealand should decide its immigration settings, not the United Nations.
He noted that the US and Australia have not signed the compact.
“This Government has become more concerned with impressing the UN, rather than what matter to New Zealanders – and that’s immigration being decided by us.”

Simon was quite right and, as we pointed out at a later date on the blog, New Zealand had been lied to.

In a frank exchange with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. Hebner of the AfD drew out an admission that it is, in fact, legally binding. As well, that it will be adopted as rule for all UN Member states once enacted.


Winston Peters disagrees with this view and said that…

[…] misinformation around the migration pact, particularly the incorrect view that it would be binding on signatories, was based on propaganda from Austrian neo-Nazis, in particular far-right movement leader Martin Sellner.

Watch the video for yourselves and hear the words out of Merkel’s own mouth. Oh, Wait….I can’t. The video evidence has been removed from both our article and the article written by the Voice of Europe. Youtube has flushed it down the memory hole.

Draw your own conclusions as to why that is. One thing is for certain. With the truth censored, Jacinda Ardern is free to make statements like these.

[…] she said National’s position on the compact was irresponsible.
“I did hold concerns because we weren’t having a debate that was anchored in the facts.
“They claimed that we wouldn’t hold sovereignty over our own borders – that was totally factually incorrect and remains incorrect. We would never sign away the sovereignty of the maintenance of our own immigration policy.

The Country with the Highest Rates of Gay Suicide Will Shock you

by Guest Post on June 30, 2019 at 9:00am

By Owen Jennings

According to Israel Folau’s critics, his “hate of homosexuals leads to pressure on them to self-harm and suicide”. That is the stated position of most of Folau’s opponents.

Point 1.

Where has Folau expressed any “hate”? He has quoted Bible passages, but they do not express any emotion – hate or love. They simply state a position. It could be argued he is doing them a favour alongside all other types of “sinners” by pointing them to “repentance”. Expressing concern over an activity does not necessarily include “hating” the people involved in the activity.

The only people drawing such a long bow are those who have another agenda. They deliberately overstate the situation and add their own concocted conclusion to try and make the situation seem worse than it is.
The term “homophobia” has been thrown around loosely, too, in relation to Folau’s tweets. Homophobia is “dislike of homosexual people”. There has been not a single expression of dislike of homosexuals by Folau that I have seen.

Point 2.

There is absolutely no reputable, scientific evidence making a link between criticism of homosexuality and self-harming. It is an ideological assumption for beating people like Folau over the head with.

Point 3.

There is research carried out by two gay-friendly scientists from Columbia and the University of California that found church-attending, same-sex-attracted individuals are two and half times more likely to attend churches that hold and openly teach a traditional, Folau-like biblical view of sexuality than they are to attend so-called welcoming and affirming churches. Clearly, they found a loving, supportive atmosphere at the fundamentalist churches – not a “hate”, “homophobic” situation.

The scientists found to their shock-horror, “There was no main effect of non-affirming religion on mental health, an unexpected finding discussed in this article.” No main effect on mental health itself, much less self-harm and suicide.

Point 4.

If the claim that Folau-like religious “bigotry” and “hate” toward homosexuals leads to self-harm and suicide, as well as depression and other mental disorders, then those places with the highest levels of acceptance of gay people should have lower levels of these problems. That would be a logical corollary. Sadly, it isn’t so. The two areas of the world with the highest affirmation of gays are the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Despite such acceptance and support, rates of suicide and suicidal ideation among gay youth and adults are tragically high in the Netherlands. Researchers call it the “Dutch Paradox”.
There are several studies confirming this – eg, ‘Suicidality and Sexual Orientation: Differences Between Men and Women in a General Population-Based Sample From The Netherlands’ – de Graf R, Sandfirt T, ten Have M.

A Swedish study in 2016 found gay men were 140% more likely to suffer suicidal ideation. Other studies confirm such high numbers where gay people are given the best possible treatment. Even when gay marriage is promoted heavily as in Sweden, gay couples enjoying their anticipated greater social acceptance and security retained suicide rates nearly three times that of their married opposite-sex peers. These percentages are higher than in any other country.

The conclusion is that there is no evidence that acceptance or, conversely, non-acceptance of gays makes any difference to mental health problems suffered in that community. Reality says there is something else driving the high levels of self-harm and suicide among homosexuals, and common decency demands that answers should be found.

Blaming religious intolerance and the Folaus of this world is a diversion and is more about the growing antipathy toward Christianity than it is about genuine concern for the gay community.

IMF issues Warning about NZ Economy

by Christie on June 28, 2019 at 8:00am

We have been saying it for over a year now; we are in trouble economically. When a bunch of inept politicians get into government, led by a prime minister who does not know what GDP is, any country is immediately in turmoil. Things were good for a while because of the excellent economic stewardship of the previous government and such things do not change overnight. Add in a few extra ingredients, such as blindsiding a profitable industry sector with no warning, and the economy is mortally wounded. It takes a while for the internal bleeding to become apparent… but it is now becoming apparent.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has come to town to tell us the bleeding obvious. Our economy has lost steam.

We have been saying this each and every month this year, and most of last year to boot. The IMF has seen what we saw a year ago: a series of policies that could lead to nothing else but a slowdown.

The reemergence of unions, through large pay claims like the teachers’ and nurses’; the Employment Relations Authority who just this week handed out living wages or higher to Mitre 10 franchisees; the spectre of fair pay agreements where entire industries get told what to pay and have no say over their own work force; a manufacturing sector that’s stalling and certain parts of it now going backwards.

Don’t forget the oil and gas industry; with the withdrawal of Chevron and Equinor, the loss is already starting to be felt, .

We have a services sector where the purses are snapping shut, and they’re snapping shut because of confidence, which has fallen through the floor.
We have an expenditure programme that has shifted billions out of the productive side of the economy and into welfare.
We have a jobseeker plan whereby those without work are no longer pressured to actually find it. The queue has grown by 13,000 people – and the bill has risen with it.
We have state housing for life where not only don’t you have to leave anymore, but the queue has grown to record levels – and by record levels as well.
We have a surplus that has basically vanished, and policies that are not costed, like the gun buyback, that will most likely eat whatever is left of the surplus.
We have growth numbers that now look anaemic – 0.6 per cent in the past quarter.

A competent government would know how to handle the economy in the event of a slowdown, but this ship of fools has no idea. The minister of finance has a degree in political science and a career that has been entirely based around politics. He has no business experience whatsoever, he never was the shadow finance minister and he has never even worked in a government department responsible for fiscal management, such as Treasury. He is totally out of his depth in finance.

And Robertson is one of the ‘better’ performers in this government.

As Cameron Bagrie told us the other day, an economy running at 80kmh in a 100kmh zone.

The IMF didn’t need to look hard to find all of this. Fortunately we’re still selling stuff to the world and still getting good money for it. But if you were here three years ago looking around, then came back today and looked again, your response would be “what the hell happened here?”

And sadly I think we all know the answer, don’t we?

A Newspaper.

Yes, we do. We have a government out of its depth in every portfolio, a prime minister only interested in photo opportunities and visiting schools and kindergartens (because they don’t ask the hard questions and she can give lots of hugs), and a social policy that requires massive spending at every level.

For me, the worst part of this very shambolic government is the influence of the Greens, who want to drive everyone out of cars, spend a fortune on cycle lanes and public transport, take away the personal responsibility aspect of collecting a benefit and spend billions on a zero carbon policy that will damage our primary industries whilst making not the slightest difference to global emissions. We are being bankrupted by these people, but they have the answer: legalise dope so that everyone will be too stoned to care.

What the hell happened? The nation voted for a National government, but Winston decided he knew better. He did warn us, on selection night, that the economy would tank. We just didn’t realise it would be his government that brought it about.

What’s Better than Watching a Trainwreck? Watching Ten Trainwrecks

by SB on June 28, 2019 at 8:30am
That is NOT her happy face.

Apparently, if a minister fails to make progress on a portfolio the answer is to appoint an entire team of ministers to fail to make progress on the portfolio. A negative times a negative makes a positive in maths but I don’t think that multiplying failure by a large number of ministers will equal success somehow.

It is as if Ardern has created a ministerial working group. Labour and their working groups huh? They love their working groups.

It was so hard to settle on a headline for this post.

Face Palm Moment?

Clown Cuckoo Land?

Will she sack ten ministers when they inevitably fail to deliver? It is like she created the Ministry for Everything. Then again why stop at ten? She should have ninety ministers. That way it can’t fail. More will make it fail-proof as it will be too big to fail.

Perhaps the idea is to be able to spread the blame so that no one minister has to take the fall? A team approach makes accountability that much more difficult.

Megan Woods with her PhD in History has been put in charge of the team of ministers. She stuffed up the Oil and Gas industry and now she is having a go at the Building industry. I wonder how long it will take before she stuffs that up? Woods remember, said that she could build 4.5 wind farms per year so 10,000 houses should be easy!

Yet again we have someone with zero experience in building and construction as the Minister of Housing. Her team is not much better. How much construction experience has her helpers, Faafoi, Twyford, Mahuta and Salesa got I wonder? Something is terribly wrong here.

Judith Collins will be ecstatic with the cabinet reshuffle as it is a target rich environment. Maybe she will ask where the ‘equalidy’ is in a cabinet that has 14 men and only 6 women. Perhaps Ardern will reply that she doesn’t need ‘equalidy’ when she has so much ‘diversiddy.’

Since Judith is now going to take on half the cabinet she might as well become the leader and be done with it.

Where Is the Outrage, Hatred and Persecution?

by Guest Post on June 28, 2019 at 9:00am

By George

I was driving about town yesterday and the radio was tuned to RNZ. I was listening to a 12.00pm news bulletin when Dr Mustafa Farouk, the president of the Federation of Islamic Associations NZ, was interviewed. He was asked what his views were concerning the “End of Life Bill”. His response was that Muslims are opposed to it. He then ended his response by stating:

“Lives should be maintained and should not be taken and even if a person was to kill themselves and that person would dwell in hell forever”.

You know where I’m going with this. Farouk’s comment is on par with Israel Folau’s religious views and could set the whole Folau debate on its head. There is an absolute parallel context in this response from the FIANZ president to the Folau biblical quotes.

(Listen to the audio from 3:30 onwards.)

Where the hell is the outrage, the hatred, the persecution and most significantly the MSM’s self-righteous indignation? They aimed it at Folau’s religious beliefs but ignore it when the same threat of “rotting in hell” is aimed at a segment of New Zealand society by the president of FIANZ.

Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

Of course, one’s a Christian and the other is a Muslim. The left and the MSM are all hypocritical cowards whose selective and censored points of view have been exposed for all to see.

So to all you medical professionals who participate in ending a life, to all you politicians who voted for the “End of Life Bill” and to all of you who choose to end your life: this is what’s in store for you according to the Koran and the president of FIANZ, Dr Mustafa Farouk.

“Hell is a place of everlasting punishment which includes being chained and dragged through fetid water and then tossed into the Fire; having boiling water poured on one’s head until internal organs are eaten away; having skin seared off only to have it restored to be seared off again and again; and being beaten with iron maces before being thrown into the Fire.”

Peace be with you from the religion of peace.

Toddler fights for life, five siblings already taken by state

Anna Leask, NZ Herald 
Publish Date
Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 12:31PM
The Auckland toddler was admitted to Starship Hospital with serious head injuries on Sunday night. (Photo / File)
The Auckland toddler was admitted to Starship Hospital with serious head injuries on Sunday night. (Photo / File)

A 17-month-old boy is fighting for his life in Starship Hospital after suffering severe head injuries.

The Herald can reveal the toddler’s mother has had five children previously removed from her care by Oranga Tamariki.

The Auckland toddler was admitted to Starship Hospital with serious head injuries on Sunday night.

Hospital staff alerted police, believing the child’s injuries may have been deliberately inflicted.

No one has been arrested or charged at this stage.

Detective Senior Sergeant Geoff Baber confirmed police were notified at 7.30pm on Sunday.

“A scene examination is being carried out at an address in Auckland’s central business district,” he said.

“Police are continuing to piece together what has led to this child’s injuries which we believe at this stage are non-accidental.

“Police are speaking to several people in relation to this matter and there is no further information available at this stage.”

Police would not comment on the background of the child’s mother or whether she had been spoken to.

But the Herald understands the toddler is her sixth child – and her five older children have all been removed from her care.

Oranga Tamariki has been contacted for comment.

Earlier this month the Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft announced a review into Oranga Tamariki’s child uplift policies relating to care and protection issues for Maori babies.

It follows controversy over the attempted uplift last month of a young Maori mother’s baby from Hawke’s Bay Hospital that today saw Minister for Children Tracey Martin announce an internal inquiry.

The “thematic review” by will look specifically at policies around Maori infants aged 0-3 months.

Judge Becroft said while the review would initially focus on the 0-3 months age group, he could not rule out extending the review to older children.

He said his office had a statutory mandate to investigate.

“If we didn’t do it we would be asleep at the wheel,” he said.

Earlier the same day Minister for Children Tracey Martin announced an internal inquiry by Oranga Tamariki into its processes specifically around the Hasting family’s case.

‘Unqualified failure’: Building industry scathing of KiwiBuild’s progress

The building industry is scathing of KiwiBuild’s lack of progress.

A big KiwiBuild summit was held in Auckland on Monday but the Housing Minister Phil Twyford was a no-show and his replacement didn’t want to talk about it.

Twyford is under intense pressure as the number of homes built so far has fallen drastically short of what’s been promised.

He stuck his neck out when he said 100,000 homes would be built in a decade, with 1000 of those coming in the first year. But with six days to go only 141 have been completed. And many in the industry don’t believe the targets can be met.

While Twyford was unavailable to defend his policy, many of those in the industry were more than happy to speak out.

Wade Hargreaves, who works in the sector, called KiwiBuild an “unqualified failure” and says it’s actually prevented people from getting into a home.

“It’s not a solution to the housing crisis in New Zealand,” he told Newshub.

And in a poll of those attending, more than 50 percent said they had no confidence the building industry could deliver the number of homes in time.

“From a public perception it’s just confusion,” Home Ownership Pathway founder Andrew LavuLavu told Newshub.

Many at the summit believe the main issue has been Twyford being too ambitious. They say the targets were simply too big and it’s ended up putting him squarely in the crosshairs.

For now though the Prime Minister is standing by her man, saying Twyford has done an “incredible job”.

Ardern says her Government is building more houses than any other since the 1970s.

But the industry has a simple message – “do it once and do it right”.

One it wishes the Government had heeded in the first place.


What a waste of money, Government needs to be held Accountable for this

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says there will still be a Government building programme at the next election but she was not able to guarantee that KiwiBuild would be part of it.

KiwiBuild, the Government’s policy to build affordable homes for first-home buyers, is under severe strain after Housing Minister Phil Twyford admitted the Government would fall woefully short of its first year target of 1000 homes by July 1.

It is currently under an extended review and the minister was absent from a KiwiBuild-focused conference in Auckland on Monday, as he had to attend Cabinet.

"We still will have a Government build programme, the rest I'll leave to the reset," Ardern said.
“We still will have a Government build programme, the rest I’ll leave to the reset,” Ardern said.

Ardern was asked repeatedly by media at her post-Cabinet press conference if KiwiBuild would again be Labour policy at the 2020 election, as it was in the 2014 and 2017 elections.

She declined to directly say that, instead guaranteeing that a Government build programme would remain, but leaving any further detail to be announced at the long-expected “reset” of the policy.

“We still will have a Government build programme, the rest I’ll leave to the reset,” Ardern said.

“We’re working on the reset, when we’ve got an announcement to make we’ll make it.

“We are not lessening the focus we have on rectifying what is ultimately a crisis in our housing sector.”

The lack of guarantee echoed a similar issue in recent months when Ardern and Twyford found themselves unable to guarantee the policy would still see 100,000 homes built.

Ardern said the Government was not giving up on housing and expressed confidence in Twyford as minister.

“He has done an incredible job. It’s an very difficult area of policy. No Government has had to do this before or has tried to do this before. And It’s not been easy. But as as a result we are building more than any Government has since the 1970s. I’m proud of that: It’s extended across transitional housing, Housing NZ, public housing spaces, and homelessness, and that’s thanks to Phil Twyford.”

Housing NZ’s build programme has increased rapidly in recent years, increasing by nine-fold between 2016 and 2019.

It’s understood there is frustration in the Beehive that the failure in KiwiBuild has polluted the public image around the rest of the housing portfolio.

A spokeswoman for Twyford declined to comment on the Prime Minister’s remarks.

Ardern said Twyford had brought a paper to Cabinet on Monday – hence his lack of appearance at the KiwiBuild conference – but it was not the “reset” paper.

The programme has been beset with issues ever since its establishment.

The head of the unit Stephen Barclay resigned in January following a bitter employment dispute with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, who took over responsibility for the unit after it was transferred from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

The unit’s first year target of 1000 homes by July 2019 is set to be massively undershot missed with just 122 homes complete and 477 under construction.