Health approach to be taken for users of synthetic drugs, harsher penalties for suppliers

By: Lucy Bennett

Political Reporter, NZ Herald

People who make or supply synthetic drugs face life in prison under changes announced by the Government today.

Police Minister Stuart Nash and Health Minister David Clark announced that two compounds found in most synthetics – AMB Fubinaca and 5FABD – will be reclassified as Class A drugs, attracting a maximum penalty of life in prison for manufacture and supply.

A new classification, Class C1, will be created to give police greater search and seizure powers for other new and emerging drugs. It is essentially a holding classification before those drugs are then made Class A.

The move is part of a two-pronged approach to stop those “peddling in death in our communities”, according to Nash – cracking down on makers and suppliers but treating drug use as a health issue rather than a criminal issue.

Police will be told to use more discretion when dealing with people caught using the drugs.

That approach will also be extended to users of all illegal drugs, but Clark and Nash denied it was “decriminalisation by stealth”.

Nash said 52 people had died this year alone from using synthetics, which are often laced with poisonous chemicals.

“Under current laws synthetics and other dangerous drugs are killing people and fuelling crime while dealers and manufacturers get rich. The current approach is failing to keep Kiwis safe and can’t be continued,” Clark said.

“It’s time to do what will work. We need to go harder on the manufacturers of dangerous drugs like synthetics, and treat the use of drugs as a health issue by removing barriers to people seeking help.”

The measures announced today are:

• Reclassifying the two main ingredients found in synthetics linked to recent deaths – AMB Fubinaca and 5FABD – as class A drugs

• Creating a temporary C1 classification for new and emerging drugs to give police greater search and seizure powers

Jacinda is dishonest

by Christie on December 14, 2018 at 9:00am

Oh dear. The prime minister of the open and transparent government is now being accused of being dishonest about her text messages, received from Richie Hardcore, a supporter of Karel Sroubek, because she has pretended, all the way through this farcical situation, that she had no personal interest and a lot of secret information about the case that would change our minds about giving residency to a wife-beating drug lord who is in jail on drug trafficking charges… but is a lovely boy really.

Well, his mother says so anyway.

But the opposition doesn’t think so. Stuff reports: quote.

The Opposition leader claims the prime minister has been dishonest about a text message she received from a friend of Czech drug-smuggler Karel Sroubek.

When asked if he believed that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had lied about a message from Richie Hardcore, National leader Simon Bridges said by omission, she had been dishonest and that was “pretty much the same” as lying.

Ardern confirmed she received the message but said she did not engage with the unsolicited message. end quote.


I don’t have the prime minister’s mobile phone number to send a text to. Do you? So Richie Hardcore is a privileged person. Now why would that be? quote.

Bridges said it “beggars belief” that this was the first or only communication from Hardcore to Ardern about Sroubek.

He believed she knew more about Sroubek than she was saying or that Hardcore had been lobbying her. end quote.


I have to admit, this makes sense. Hardcore is clearly a close associate of Jacinda and Clarke. He is also an associate of Karel Sroubek. That the prime minister thinks it is okay to give her immigration minister directives to award residency to people supported by her friends is both surprising and very disappointing. That she may have actually done it beggars belief. quote.

“For nearly two months, my colleagues and I have been asking serious questions and the picture painted by Ardern was that she knew nothing about any of this … that’s dishonest.”

He said he did not buy her comment that her phone number was widely available and questioned why she would not release the text message.

Hardcore works in counselling and rehabilitation in Auckland and it is understood Ardern had met him at various events.

He had previously provided references in support of Sroubek (or Antolik as he was then known) to the sentencing judge in March 2016, arguing against him being jailed, and then to the Parole Board in December 2017. His pleas fell on deaf ears on both occasions: Sroubek was jailed in 2016, and the Parole Board refused early release in 2017.

When asked about the message on Thursday, Ardern said she would not release the text because she received a number of communications from a number of individuals in various capacities but she would consider an Official Information Act request. end quote.

You have to ask why she will not release the text. Let’s face it, the reason cannot be good. It is getting harder and harder to believe that Hardcore did not solicit the prime minister… particularly as Sroubek is such a lovely citizen, just grossly misunderstood. Sroubek’s wife, who is in a safe house in fear for her life, is clearly misguided in her assessment of him. quote.

She confirmed she had known Hardcore for a number of years and had proactively shared that she had received information from him, highlighting, it was only after the minister made his decision on the Sroubek case.

“I’ve only been asked in the past about whether I knew anyone that made representations on this case. I’ve made it very clear I knew nothing of this case until it was in the public domain. I do not know who made representations on the case and I could not, hand on heart, say whether anyone who contacted me made representation. I saw yesterday that the opposition were asking very direct questions – made the decision to put out there what contact I had received. I want to reiterate I did not receive this communication until the case was on the public domain.” end quote.

Whatever. What was all the stuff about ‘read between the lines’? She had ignored all representations on this case, in spite of the fact that he should never have been given residency. Not at any point, not at any time.

The prime minister is obfuscating here, and the deputy prime minister is covering for her, but then, as he is one of her henchmen, that should come as no surprise.

Winston was always a master of trying to hold the previous government to account, but he is ducking and weaving like a snake. He may appear smart in the house, but he is fooling no one. This government is probably the most dishonest government ever, and Winston Peters put it there.

Painting faces black is racist but painting them white is not

by Suze on December 2, 2018 at 8:30am

Why is painting faces black considered racist, but painting them white is not?

Traditionally, geishas paint their faces white, so do Halloween characters and traditional French mime artists. I’ve never heard one word of complaint from white skinned people about racism in the face of white-faced performers.

French mime artist

A traditional Dutch character, Black Pete, is joining Rotorua’s Christmas festivities this year and calls of racism are upsetting the event organisers. The same thing is happening overseas, including in Holland where the tradition originates. Newshub reports. Quote.

‘Black Pete’ to appear at the local feast of St Nicholas on December 5.  The traditional character sees those playing them paint their face black and lips red, then put on a curly black wig and hand out presents and sweets to children.


The demonstrators were on their way to Dokkum, above, to protest against the inclusion of Zwart Piet in the town’s festival. Photograph: NurPhoto/Getty Images

It’s been called racist – even by many in the Netherlands, where the character originates – but Rotorua Netherlands Society member Douwe Visser believes it’s just tradition.  He told NZME it will have to change in the future, after some conversations in the community, but not now.” End of quote.

Origins of the character are not considered insulting – it is only our politically correct over-sensitivity that has caused this change in thinking.  People are dreaming up insults that never existed previously. Black Pete is a good guy.   Quote.

I think it has to change a little because for some people it’s looked at as insulting, but originally it wasn’t meant that way,” he told NZME. “I think it will change in the future, but we’ll have to talk about it.” End of quote.

Rotorua Multicultural Council president Margriet Theron said she’s in two minds about the costumes and will wait to see what the public has to say.

“The old Dutch people are very attached to the tradition but … I don’t think it’s going to go down well,” she told NZME.

It hasn’t gone down well with the NZ Human Rights Commission, who told NZME people need to challenge the perpetuation of racist stereotypes and customs like Black Pete.

“Racism, overt or casual, is not acceptable,” a spokesperson said.

Fights in the streets have broken out in the Netherlands over the character.” End of quote.

The NZ Human Rights Commission has lost the plot, yet again.

We need to stop being so precious about “racism”.  Let’s get a French mime artist to tag along with Black Pete at Rotorua’s Christmas festivities to highlight the ridiculousness of the racism argument.  They can both hand out sweets and pressies to the kids.

Maori more affected by climate change

by Christie on December 1, 2018 at 8:00am

Seeing that you are no longer allowed to express your opinions about climate change onStuff (unless you are a fawning believer, that is), I thought maybe you would like the opportunity to have your say on some of their climate change articles on Whaleoilinstead. quote.


[Mike] Smith, the activist, is now in charge of climate change policy for the high profile Iwi Leaders Group. end quote.

Well, we are off to a cracking start. We all know how level-headed and objective the average activist is. quote.

He says Māori, in particular, are at greater risk from the effects of climate change.

“We’re super vulnerable, like we are to anything,” Smith says.

“When it comes to climate change it’s like the poorest people in the world are going to be hit the hardest first and that’s a lot of us.” end quote.

I think the climate mantra is that, in general, the poor on the planet will be most affected – like those who live in the Bay of Bengal or Banda Ache in Indonesia. I don’t think the climate dogmatists meant Onehunga or Upper Hutt somehow. quote.


“It can be quite overwhelming the global climate change issues,” says Ōtaki resident and environmental scientist Aroha Spinks.

“To see those prediction models of how much water was going to be along that coastline was a big eye opener,” says Spinks.

“I’m sure some people got a bit of shock to see how much of that coastline could potentially be underwater.” end quote.

Or then again, it might not. quote.

Urupā, Māori burial sites, are common along New Zealand’s coastline and could soon become submerged.

“For some hapū and iwi there is a real pressing need to act to move tūpāpaku (corpses) to higher ground,” says Niwa research scientist Dr Darren King. end quote.

Forgive me. (Shakes head.) I thought we were all going to be 20 feet underwater in the next two years. If moving corpses is the biggest issue, well… sorry. quote.

“The climate change challenge for Māori society is about sustainable living arrangements and development, as much as it is about natural hazards management such as risks associated with flooding, storms and coastal erosion,” [King] says. end quote.

Not about maintaining your traditions then? quote.

A major challenge for Māori communities is how they will pay for any necessary physical adaptations. end quote.

How about using some of that Treaty settlement money that has been paid in compensation to Maori over the last 30 or so years? Just a thought. quote.

For well-off households and communities, the costs of adaptation will be manageable. But many Māori communities struggle to survive in the present let alone thinking about what needs to be done to adapt to, and help reduce climate change, says Dr Rhys Jones, a public health medicine specialist.

“A lot of people talk about climate change as a threat multiplier for people who are also facing disadvantages or poor health, it exacerbates those threats,” Jones says. end quote.

So… if we have money, we’ll be okay? So we are not going to be 20 feet underwater in the next two years then? Or is it just the poor that will be? quote.

Substandard housing is an issue for all New Zealanders especially during an extreme weather event. But many of those living in poor housing are Māori, says Jones, who represents over 600 health professionals in Ora Taiao, the Climate and Health Council.

“It’s not just the immediate event, it’s the period after; washed out roads, power out, no water. There are huge risks to health as well, if they can’t access water and can’t get to health services.” end quote.

A lot of these problems can be remedied, at least partially, by local councils taking steps to improve their floodwater management. I did not realise that weather was racist. People in better housing can still suffer the effects of floods. quote.

Smith is up for the challenge but is concerned others aren’t.

“We’ve got ten years to get our emissions down. We’ve got to shift public opinion and support governments that are prepared to do the right thing even if it’s going to hurt.” end quote.

Even if it is true that we have 10 years to get emissions down (isn’t it funny how it has been 10 years since about 2002? Shouldn’t we all be 20 feet underwater already?), there is just about nothing that little ol’ New Zealand can do about it. Unless the big emitters start to pull their weight, we will still be 20 feet underwater… in 10 years time.

The article states that Maori will be more affected than other New Zealanders because they live in poor housing and need to move their corpses. Excuse me making light of it, but nothing in this article makes the future seem very dire, for Maori or for anyone else.

And Stuff does not allow anything other than sycophantic comments on an article like this?

Stuff needs a new logo.

How about this one from the awesome Boondecker?

Says it all really.

American drone footage it says shows there are more than 100 mistakes in a book

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has almost eight hours of secret American drone footage it says shows there are more than 100 mistakes in a book about a controversial raid in Afghanistan.

No captionPhoto: supplied

But one of the authors of Hit and Run, Nicky Hager, said a large number of the errors were about the location of raid which were clarified last year.

The book is about Operation Burnham which took place in Baghlan province in August 2010.

The book claims six Afghan civilians were killed and a further 15 were injured by Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers. It said the deaths and injuries were covered up by the military.

Nicky HagerNicky Hager. Photo: Vice

An Official Information Act request by RNZ shows documents prepared by NZDF as part of an analysis of Hit and Run. That included reference to drone and helicopter footage of the operation which “contradicts the main thrusts of Hit and Run” and identified 105 “factual issues” in the book.

Among the book’s claims is that a three-year-old girl, Fatima, was killed.

“The most concentrated fire was at three side-by-side houses owned by three brothers on the south side of the river,” the book said.

“The helicopters rained down cannon fire and rockets, destroying the houses, injuring two of the mothers and five of their children and killing a sixth small child as she was held in her mother’s arms. The father of the third household would be dead soon too.”

But NZDF said the drone footage showed “no fire from helicopter or ground forces, at, on or around the target”.

It said because the building was central to the operation, the drone was focussed on it as SAS troops approached. It showed “no villagers and no movement whatsoever”, nor any bodies around the house.

It said a picture of the three houses in the book couldn’t be correct because satellite and drone footage showed the left hand house had not been built in 2010.

NZDF said the footage showed no graves being dug at that time, despite the Islamic custom to bury any dead as quickly as possible.

NZDF also rejected the book’s claims that the village was set alight and left burning, destroying 12 houses.

It said the footage showed just two buildings were burnt – one which was presumed to have started as an unattended cooking fire and the second when hot debris from a cache of weapons which were destroyed ignited the roof of a nearby building.

NZDF said the drone footage was so compelling and contradicted the veracity of so many claims in the book, it asked the United States to release the footage publicly. But the Americans refused, saying the videos had not been declassified.

The inquiry

In April, the government announced an inquiry into Operation Burnham and related matters.

The inquiry aims to establish the facts in connection with the allegations, examine the treatment by NZDF of reports of civilian casualties following the operation, and assess the conduct of troops.

The inquiry will convene today to decide how it will deal with classified material.

NZDF has declined to comment and Mr Hager declined to be interviewed, saying he was too busy preparing for the hearing.

But he questioned the timing of the documents’ release, describing it as a “PR exercise” before the hearing.

“The documents were created by the Defence Force earlier this year for the particular purpose of trying to persuade the Labour-led government to not have the inquiry,” he said.

He rejected any suggestion the book contained 105 mistakes, saying a large number of them related to the location of the raid, which had already been resolved.

When it comes to gender the science is settled

by SB on November 19, 2018 at 12:30pm

There are only two sexes and two genders. The science is settled.

Many on the Left claim that the science is settled when it comes to climate change when clearly it is not, as not all scientists agree and there is plenty of conflicting data. Even those who agree that it is changing disagree whether that is actually a bad thing or just something that is natural and that has always happened.

When it comes to gender, however, the science really has been settled. It is incredible to me that thanks to militant activism from the Trans lobby they are actually getting away with creating out of thin air new genders, when the science on gender is not only settled but there is 100% non-conflicting evidence making it very clear that there are only two sexes, male and female, which means that there are only two genders, male and female.

The tiny percentage of intersex people does not change this as they are not a new sex; instead, through an accident of nature they have been given both. When someone is born as a conjoined twin no one declares that they are a new kind of human. We instead see it as an accident of nature where something went wrong. We don’t say that there are humans and then there are Dual humans.


The meaning of the word gender has been hijacked, as even the militant activists realised that if they came out with the ridiculous statement that there are more than two sexes they would be laughed out of the room. Instead, they started educatingbrainwashing the public that gender was completely different to sex and was fluid!

Milk is fluid, water is fluid, gender is not fluid! Gender means the same thing as sex and there are only two sexes, male and female.


The Oxford dictionary provides the following definitions for sex and gender and acknowledges the propaganda of the militant Trans activists BUT emphasises that their definition of the word gender DOES NOT correspond to established ideas of male and female. quote.


Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

‘adults of both sexes’


Either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.

‘a condition that affects people of both genders’

‘someone of the opposite gender’
‘everyone always asks which gender I identify as’ end quote.

Give them a few more years and I guarantee that the Trans activists will have bullied the Oxford dictionary into changing the definition of the word, as changing our language and making up new words is one of the most powerful tools in an activist’s toolkit. The word Islamophobia is one such example of language activism.

NZ heading for gas supply gap

by Christie on October 20, 2018 at 10:00am

I cannot tell you how much I wish National was not going through a meltdown at the moment. The things that are going on in the background are the stuff of nightmares, but there is no cut through – because everyone is talking about Jami-Lee Ross. Since Ross has clearly had instructions to act like a slow release grenade, it will go on for a long time. The damage being done to the country in the meantime is considerable.

A newspaper reports: quote.

New Zealand is heading into a gas supply gap and will need a new discovery to arrest the production decline it is on now, MPs heard yesterday.

The country has just seven years’ firm supply, and production is forecast to start falling away from 2021, according to Patrick Teagle, a New Zealand-based executive for Austrian oil and gas company OMV. Teagle was talking to Parliament’s environment select committee. end quote.


Last week, Energy Minister Megan Woods swatted this information away as scaremongering. Now it seems that it is all absolutely true. quote.

The company, soon to take over operatorship of the Maui and Pohokura gas fields, will work to mitigate the decline in production from those fields as a priority, he said but that will only slow the decline.

What the country needs is a new discovery, just when the government’s proposed ban on new offshore exploration is “discouraging” the potential partners that OMV and other firms will need if they are to explore offshore, he said. end quote.

Now this is awkward. Didn’t the government announce that there were to be no new permits for oil and gas exploration? So, if there is no gas to be found in areas covered by existing permits – there will be no new discovery? quote

“It needs to be understood that demand will outstrip supply and we are heading towards a gas supply gap in New Zealand,” Teagle said.

“We have real concerns about our ability to maintain security of supply over the next decade.” end quote.

This train wreck of a government would have seen this coming if only they had done some basic consultation with the industry, rather than just blindside them because they felt like it. So, you know what will happen? We will end up importing gas, even though we probably have years more of supplies in our own economic zone. That, of course, is no use to us if we are not allowed to go and find it. Let’s just pay a fortune to other countries instead. There is great economic management for you. quote.

The clash of viewpoints among the 12 submitters was stark. Government MPs didn’t appreciate being told the ban would increase emissions rather than reduce them, that the ban had already halted some investment, and that reduced domestic gas supplies would increase electricity costs for all consumers and sacrifice opportunities to reduce coal use and replace higher-emitting imports – like fertiliser – with lower-emission local production. end quote.

If they had done some basic consultation with the industry, all of these scenarios would have become clear. They could then have moved forward with their plans to reduce emissions, fully aware of the economic as well as the environmental impacts of their policies. But no. Only a responsible government, with the best interests of its country at heart, would do that. Nobody in their right mind could describe this bunch of charlatans as ‘responsible’. quote.

The Labour-led government has leaned heavily on its claims that the 100,000 square kilometres of existing exploration acreage is sufficient to ensure on-going gas supplies during a managed, 30-plus-year transition.

Official advice issued last month estimated the potential loss of Crown revenue at $1.2 billion to $23.5 billion out to 2050, and warned of a potential increase in global emissions if locally-made petrochemical production was replaced with product made offshore. end quote.

Particularly as we may end up buying the product from ‘rogue’ countries that have poor human rights records and even worse processing procedures from an environmental perspective. At least if we produce the stuff ourselves we are in control of how it is done, of the treatment of the labour forces and we get revenue from it as well. I cannot see a downside to this.

But this government knows best. It always has. As the Jami-Lee Ross trainwreck rolls on, nobody is paying any attention to some serious issues for our country.

A government in panic

by Christie on October 10, 2018 at 9:30am

Don’t you just love Judith? While the government fluffs around with unnecessary urgent legislation and yet another working group, this time on fuel prices, Judith just cuts to the chase and she does it so well.

TVNZ News  reports: quote:

Judith Collins says the Government is in a panic about the fuel price crisis and has called for them to cut the regional fuel tax.

On TVNZ1’s Breakfast, Ms Collins said the Government’s plans didn’t go far enough.

“If the Government wants to do something right now, it could cut that tax, say we’re not going to have that regional fuel tax, 11.5 cents a litre in Auckland plus everything else that’s going on,” she said.

“Right now, with the fuel prices so high and the Government saying it’s all so terrible, they’ve just worked that out, at 11.5 cents a litre in Auckland alone plus everything else round the country, right now is the time for the Government to say we’re going to put that on hold while we sort it out.”

Mrs Collins said for every litre of petrol sold, $1.25 went to the Government and 31 cents went to the fuel companies. end quote.


Spot on, Judith. If the government was really concerned about people being ‘fleeced’ over fuel prices, they could actually do something more or less instantaneously. Instead, they are just going to go through the motions of looking concerned, rush through legislation and then wait for about a year for the report to come out. Wow. They are really concerned about motorists being fleeced, aren’t they? quote:

“The dollar has dropped, oil prices internationally have gone up, every time that happens, the Government’s tax take goes up because it’s basically a percentage of the fuel.” end quote.

Another reason why they will do as little as possible. The tax take actually gets bigger because of the GST content. 15% of $2.42 is more than 15% of $2.25. They are laughing all the way to the bank. quote:

“In my electorate Papakura for instance, people have to travel around, don’t have much choice at all and they’re the people paying for it.” end quote.

It is not just individuals, although they are certainly being squeezed at present. I heard a story of a small trucking company today where the monthly fuel bill has increased by $13,000 and, I assume that this is only going to get worse.

Those costs will have to be passed on, and then the price of everything starts to rocket. We will be looking at significant inflation in a very short time, the likes of which we haven’t seen for over a decade.

I feel sorry for the people on low incomes who voted for this government. Yes, you can always argue that it is their own fault. But for reasons known only to themselves, they believe that Labour is the party for the working man, and that they will look after the ordinary guy just trying to make a living.

There was a time when all of that was true but nowadays Labour is the party of the elite. Good on Judith Collins for calling them to account. We need more of this.

Why are we even considering compensation?

by Christie on September 27, 2018 at 9:30am

Mike Yardley at Stuff is asking the very pertinent question of why we are even considering paying compensation to people who were evicted from houses that were contaminated with methamphetamine. We shouldn’t be. quote.

How many news scribes bothered to read Housing New Zealand’s (HNZ) methamphetamine contamination report last week, before rushing to join the feeding frenzy of condemnation?

Did any of them peruse the full report before being played like a fiddle by the master of choreography, Housing Minister, Phil Twyford? end quote.

Unlikely. The preaching had already started and had been used as an opportunity to beat the previous government with a big stick over trying to keep tenants safe from contamination. quote:


Much of the commentary in HNZ’s 188-page report has been pasteurised to please the ideological persuasions of their political masters. But buried beneath the spin and fluff, some searing facts provide some sobering context about the scourge of meth in state housing and how the agency arguably acted in good faith.

Since July 2013, 4958 of HNZ’s properties have been contamination-tested, triggered by reasonable grounds for suspicion, with 2483 properties testing above the Ministry of Health and Standards New Zealand’s prevailing thresholds at the time.

Of those, 1214 properties were tenanted when testing was carried out. In the case of 264 properties, HNZ was satisfied that the present tenants weren’t responsible for the contamination and they were promptly rehoused. HNZ also paid for their moving costs and shelled out grocery vouchers or cash grants to atone for placing them in contaminated rentals. end quote.

So those that were blameless were rehoused and compensated at least to a point. If it was me, I would simply be grateful to be moved out of a house that could seriously damage my family’s health. quote:

In a further 159 properties, the tenants were allowed to stay put, while it was remedied. But for 791 properties, the occupants were found responsible for the contamination, they were not rehoused, and were served with a seven-day notice, a 90-day notice, or a Tenancy Tribunal order to vacate.

The HNZ report also reveals that of their rentals that tested positive for meth, 565 of them actually clocked up a reading of 15μg/100cm2 or higher. (The new contamination threshold as decreed by Sir Peter Gluckman.) end quote.

Not a case of passing contamination then. These houses would still breach the limits, even if tested today. quote:

Remember the 87-year-old pensioner who was forced out of her rental of 60 years? The TV news channels paraded her last week as a prime victim of HNZ’s “bogus testing”. Not only did HNZ rehouse her and pay the moving costs, but her rental recorded an off-the-charts meth reading of 22.5ug/100cm2. And that followed the tenant’s son arranging for the property to be commercially cleaned before testing. There had also been a firearms incident at the place. end quote.

Obviously a dear, sweet, little old lady. quote.

Yes, in the great majority of cases, the positive meth readings fell well short of the new Gluckman threshold that HNZ has now embraced. However, why are we frittering away big bucks compensating the occupants of those 791 properties, who had been cooking or smoking meth in their state rentals?

Why should hundreds of bad eggs be financially rewarded for criminal behaviour or breaching their tenancy agreement, just because of overcautious meth contamination readings? end quote.

Don’t we call this government criminal huggers? Is that what this is? quote.

Furthermore, the Government is forcing HNZ to lurch from one perceived extreme to another. The era of “zero tolerance” for illegal drug activity has been turned on its head, with a “zero-eviction policy” for illegal drug use now in force.

Meth use in state houses no longer carries any sanctions. end quote.

Is this for real? It is now okay to use meth in a state house? quote.

If you’re a meth user, you’ll be offered access to fully-funded addiction treatment services. That’s a worthy, welcome initiative.

But if you spurn every offer of help, preferring to pursue your recalcitrant lifestyle, there’ll be no repercussions, unless you’re unlucky enough to be collared by the cops for burglary or the like, to support your habit.

And if you contaminate your rental beyond the new Gluckman threshold, HNZ will now happily transfer you to another property. No problem. end quote.

Which will simply be contaminated again. Then on to the next one and the next one and so on.

This government is completely crazy. The waiting lists for state houses are getting longer by the day and all that they can do is to continue to reward people for criminal behaviour. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Contrast that with a landlord who, if they have not insulated their rental property by July 2019, can be fined $4000, with the money going to the tenant. How about compensating landlords who have to decontaminate their properties because of these criminals? That’s never going to happen. Because landlords are fat cats, so we can’t have that.

Who’s the daddy lion?

by Cameron Slater on September 15, 2018 at 9:00am

Cindy on Winston’s knee.
Photoshopped image credit: Luke

On The AM Show Kris Faafoi was trying out some new lines to try and describe the NZ First-led government: Quote:

A Labour MP says political commentators are yet to figure out what much of the public already has – that this Government is the first “pure” MMP Government.

This Government is not the same as the previous Government,” new Minister of Broadcasting Kris Faafoi told The AM Show on Friday.

“The previous Government had a lion and a lamb, and when the lion said ‘jump’, the lamb said, ‘How high?’ In this Government we’ve got more than one lion, and we have agreed… to a whole lot of stuff. And if we want to do other things, instead of answering ‘how high’… we say, ‘Why should we jump? Let’s have a discussion about those kinds of things.’” End quote.


I think we all know who the lion is, and boy is he roaring.Quote:

Critics of the Government have latched onto disagreements between Labour and NZ First, the two parties which make up the formal coalition, over issues such as the refugee quota and justice reform.

National MP Judith Collins, perhaps unsurprisingly, is one of those critics.

The party needs to actually work out who’s in charge,” she told The AM Show. “As Kris says, there’s three lions there – which one of them’s the big daddy lion?

She said it’s clearly NZ First leader Winston Peters. End quote.


Puppet master Winston.
Photoshopped image credit: Luke

But here is the sledge of the day, from Judith Collins:Quote:

“It’s really great that Jacinda’s going to dump all her TV bookings for this weekend so she can do a speech on Sunday to tell us all what’s happening… We’ve got Winston Peters off the reservation on various issues, the Greens off on the other side and we’ve got Jacinda in the middle, saying: ‘What the hell is going on here?’” End quote.

Can anyone imagine Simon Bridges being able to say that?Quote:

Ms Ardern was due to appear on Three’s Newshub Nation and TVNZ’s Q+A this weekend, but pulled out of both, her press secretary claiming it was a “simple diary issue”. National leader Simon Bridges will appear on Newshub Nation in her place.

Mr Faafoi said instead Ms Ardern will deliver a speech to outline what the Government has achieved in its first year, and “what we intend to do for the next 24 months and hopefully beyond”. End quote.

It will be a short speech then. Quote:

Clare Curran’s resignation last week saw Mr Faafoi pick up the broadcasting portfolio. While Ms Curran was a member of Cabinet, Mr Faafoi has been left outside, with Cabinet shrinking to 19 with Ms Curran’s demotion.

Ms Collins said if Mr Faafoi wants to take Ms Curran’s spot in Cabinet, he knows what he has to do.

“Kris just has to become a woman and he’ll get into Cabinet – that’s the problem, you see? I’ve told him what he has to do. I don’t know if he’s prepared to do it.”

Mr Faafoi didn’t respond to Ms Collins’ suggestion. End quote.

Two great sledges in one 15 minute slot.

Faafoi could always identify as a woman. That seems to be a thing these days.