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The insidious creep of the racist, separatist, secretive co-governance agenda must be stopped now – we simply cannot wait for a referendum in four years’ time.

The only future for New Zealand is one of unity, one law for all, under one flag. Any dilution or delay of that fundamental democratic foundation will be disastrous for our nation.

We do not need to have a referendum to tell us we live in a race-based separatist society, any more than we need to check the weather forecast when it’s already raining.

All of a sudden, we now have those who were once an integral part of the problem now posing as part of the solution.

There must be no underestimating the importance of stopping the underhanded, destructive, and divisive move towards co-governance in our country being pushed by the Māori elite and their fellow cultural travellers.

We cannot afford to wait for a referendum in 2026.

The only real referendum on this decisive issue will be kiwis voting next year at the 2023 election – any alternative will be far too little, far too late.

Winston Peters

New Zealand First Leader