New Orcon Ad

Well I watched then checked the terms, The Ad is a total lie.

Found this as well on Whale Oil.

To be expected…Orcon and their new pal Kim Dotcom lie like  flatfish

by Cameron Slater on October 4, 2013

I am an Orcon customer…but not for much longer. They have crawled into bed  with a fugitive and convicted insider trader, and fraudster.

I thought that I’d shed some light on their supposed “unlimited” new plans  that the fat Kraut is waxing lyrical over.

Krim Dot-Con has partnered with Or-Con and they are promoting their new  offerings and the idiot media lapped it all  up

Or-Con claims their service is “unlimited”, but if you read their T&Cs,
  it says they are limiting the  bandwidth…

If customers on unlimited plans download data in excess of Orcon’s estimates  then all customers on unlimited plans may see download/upload speeds drop  temporarily.

To make sure that people who are downloading heaps don’t adversely affect our  fixed data plan customers we have two ‘pools’ of bandwidth. One for the people  on the unlimited plan, one for all the rest.  We have based the size of  these “pools” on estimated average customer usage.

So if people on the unlimited plans start downloading more than we expect  (especially during busy times like in the evening), all people in the unlimited  pool may see speeds drop temporarily. This is done so that the usage by  customers on unlimited plans doesn’t affect the speed and network performance of  customers on fixed data plans.

They will also be shaping (which has been the subject of Fair Trading Act  breaches for other companies)

And they have a “Fair Use Policy” that lets them kick you off – and still  charge you an early termination fee. Lovely.

If, in Orcon’s sole opinion, your usage is so heavy that it materially  exceeds estimated use patterns over any month or Orcon believes that your usage  of our services will adversely affect the quality of the service received by  other customers, then Orcon may (in its sole discretion):

  • de-prioritise your access to the network;
  • apply charges to your account for the excessive and/or unreasonable element  of your usage;
  • suspend or restrict access to your service; or
  • terminate your service.

Where reasonable, Orcon will provide you with notice before suspension,  restriction or termination. If we terminate your services and you have agreed to  a fixed contract term you may have to pay the applicable early termination  fee.

That, with the ridiculous claim that New Zealand has “Third World  Internet”, shows this little campaign up for the stunt it is…unadulterated  crap.

Oh for a media that actually resarches the claims of anyone associated with  the Fat Kraut.

Love the name Krim Dot-Con and Or-Con  LOL