Thanks for nothing, Cindy

by Lushington D. Brady on January 24, 2018 at 10:30am

Here they come again.

Jacinda Ardern is certainly doing wonders for the trans-Tasman relationship. Her government got the ball rolling with Chris Hipkins sparking off a diplomatic row. Now Jacinda’s virtue-signalling antics are undoing all the hard work Australia put in to end the flood of illegal immigrants that saw boats arriving daily in Australia by 2013.

When the Abbott government put its policy of boat turnbacks and zero tolerance for illegal arrivals into action, the boats quickly stopped. The overflowing refugee camps were gradually drained. Except for a handful of holdouts who refused to leave Manus Island.

Enter Jacinda.


New Zealand asylum offer fuels smuggle trade

New Zealand’s offer to resettle 150 asylum-seekers from Manus ­Island late last year is believed to have prompted an escalation in people-­smuggling operations, with intelligence officials claiming at least three boats had recently sought to test the shift in policy and use the country as a “back door” to Australia.

Like any good lefty, Ardern appeared more concerned with trumpeting her “compassionate” credentials than with the likely consequences of her soapboxing.

A source said there was ­evidence that the apparent rise in people-smuggling activity marketing New Zealand had followed the Ardern government’s offer to take asylum-seekers from Australian offshore detention centres.

At least one boat has been intercepted in Australian waters, and more people-smuggling ventures headed this way have been busted in Sri Lanka.

Ardern was specifically warned that her virtue-signalling would act as a pull-factor for boats. The people-smugglers are alert to any sign of wavering, and have flagged Ardern’s interference as a sign that Australia’s tough stance is wavering.

“it is clear that they are using publicity around New Zealand’s ­resettlement offer to market their services to vulnerable people in Sri Lanka and elsewhere”

The target for these people is ultimately Australia. The smuggling boats are unlikely to ever reach New Zealand. Even those who do, as experience has shown, will use New Zealand as a back-door to Australia.

So, while tilted-head “compassion” might play well to Ardern’s base, the reality is that others – especially Australia – are going to have to deal with the consequences.

It’s official, Jacinda is pregnant, has been since October

by Cameron Slater on January 19, 2018 at 11:13am


My readers picked it months ago, Jacinda Ardern is pregnant.

The offical announcement was this morning.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that she is pregnant, with the baby due in June.

Ms Ardern made the announcement on her Instagram feed this morning.

She said her partner Clarke Gayford would be a “stay at home” dad.

“I think it’s fair to say that this will be a wee one that a village will raise, but we couldn’t be more excited. I know there will be lots of questions, and we’ll answer all of them (I can assure you we have a plan all ready to go!)”

In a statement, Ms Ardern confirmed deputy prime minister Winston Peters will take on the role of Acting Prime Minister for six weeks after the baby is born.

“Mr Peters and I have a great relationship, and I know that together we’ll make this period work. I will make arrangements for appropriate Ministers to act in my other portfolios over the six weeks I am away from Parliament.

“At the end of my leave I will resume all Prime Ministerial duties.”

Ms Ardern said she intended to be fully contactable and available throughout the six-week period.

Ms Ardern said they first knew of the pregancy in mid-October, “but as many couples do in the early stages, we kept it to ourselves”.

She said the news was a “fantastic surprise”.

This is where the secret 33 page document becomes really important.

Be interesting to see what happens in July.

Meanwhile get ready for media gushing, lots of Woman’s Day features and general over the top silliness from all and sundry.

A note from Blog owner:

Bad look for the country, unmarried having a baby (bastard child to be correct) and leader of the country.

Human Rights Commission the “key driver of political correctness in New Zealand”

by SB on January 18, 2018 at 12:30pm

[…] while golliwogs were once regarded simply as much-loved and slightly mischievous dolls, they are now portrayed by activists as symbols of abuse that they say humiliate and intimidate black people.

That’s also the view being taken by the Human Rights Commission, which has become a key driver of political correctness in New Zealand. In response to the fracas over the golliwogs in the Waiheke store, a spokeswoman claimed that they are “racist caricatures that dehumanise black people”. She said that New Zealanders who think selling golliwogs is OK “need a wake-up call”.

In spite of what she says, the sale or public display of golliwogs in New Zealand is not against the law. While the Human Rights Act does outlaw ‘inciting racial disharmony’, the threshold is high and selling golliwogs – or golly dolls, as some are now calling them – does not breach the threshold.

The NZ Human Rights Commission, in fact, wades into every single artificially created outrage incident of raaaaaacism. They pronounced sentence on the Waiheke store, they decried the restaurant with the funny menu and…


they have highlighted the latest ” racism” incident of a man flying a confederate flag at Elvis in the park.

The golliwog debacle serves to demonstrate just how politicised and sensitive society has become. Nowadays it appears that everyone feels they have to be extremely careful about what they say or do, lest they offend the sensitivities of others, and are victimised by activists promoting a cause.

To most people, the prospect of attracting unwanted attention from the media or sharp-tongued radicals is so intimidating that what should be a fundamental right to free speech is now severely compromised.

That is why it is so important that we stand up in support of the targets of the thought police. The Waiheke store has sold out of Golliwogs thanks to an outpouring of support and orders coming in from overseas and the restaurant has been packed with supporters. Hopefully, the Elvis on the park guy who has been flying the Confederate flag for years will also stand his ground and will gain not lose business because of it. It gives me hope that New Zealand will not as easily go down the Social Justice Bully route where loud-mouthed activists on social media can create a storm in a tea cup and ruin people’s livelihoods.

This was a point made by this week’s NZCPR Guest Commentator, Dr Don Brash in a speech to the Liberty Conference late last year. The former leader of the National Party said that in spite of free speech being protected in law, there is now a massive intolerance towards free expression in New Zealand:

“In New Zealand, freedom of speech is enshrined as one of our fundamental rights in the Bill of Rights Act of 1990.  Section 14 of that law, headed ‘Freedom of expression’, notes that ‘everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form’.

“But despite that, there are insidious pressures to discourage the expression of certain opinions…

“You dare not suggest that the Enlightenment civilization brought to New Zealand by the early British settlers was significantly more advanced than the Maori culture of the early nineteenth century, even though early nineteenth century Maori had no written language, had not yet invented the wheel, and were still practising cannibalism.

“It is regarded as racist to suggest that all New Zealanders should have equal political rights, despite that being the clear meaning of Article III of the Treaty of Waitangi and the only basis for a peaceful society in the long-term.”

Dr Brash is right. There are now many issues that people will speak freely about with their family or close friends, but are now regarded as taboo with a wider audience.

It’s even got to the point where some people are afraid to sign their names and addresses on petition forms – if they deem them to be too controversial – just in case there are ‘repercussions’.

This is presently an issue for those living in areas where their local councils have voted unilaterally to create Maori wards.[…]

It now appears that in some local government areas, where the pro-Maori ward lobby has become very aggressive, many who oppose Maori wards feel intimidated and are now too afraid to sign the petitions for a referendum for fear of reprisal.

[…] The decision to introduce Maori wards in each of the areas is now being challenged, with petitions underway to collect signatures from 5 percent of local electors to force the councils to hold referenda on the issue.

The Auckland Council also voted in favour of Maori wards – with nine councillors plus the Mayor in favour and five opposed (six were absent) – but only if the Government changes the law so they don’t lose any existing seats. In other words, they want a Maori ward as long as none of the sitting members loses their seat!

[…] Unfortunately, there are some in our community who want to remove the public’s right of veto over the creation of Maori wards from the Electoral Act.

Leading this attack on local body democracy is the former Mayor of New Plymouth, Andrew Judd […]  rather than accepting that local democracy is about letting people have their say, and respecting their views, he arrogantly called his constituents ‘racists’, stated that half of all local authority councillors should be Maori, and demanded a law change to remove the right of locals to hold a poll.

[..] With Labour and the Greens now in Government, there remains an on-going concern that they might be planning another attempt to try to change the law, despite most New Zealanders not wanting to be defined by race – not even those of Maori descent.

The only people wanting to divide the country by race are a small but vocal minority of tribal activists and their supporters, who will stop at nothing less than Maori sovereignty at all levels of government. It is this racist agenda that we all need to stand against.[…]

Bad week for Twyford gets worse as he is caught lying like a flatfish

by Cameron Slater on January 17, 2018 at 8:00am

Last week, @PhilTwyford said he wasn’t planning to use the taxes & RUC paid into the National Land Transport Fund by petrol & diesel users for rail instead of roads. Yet, in November, that’s exactly what he wrote …


It has been a bad week for Phil Twyford, first up he was accused of using a constituent for political gain and washed his hands of him after gaining government, then he’s been made to look like a hypocrite over foreign land sales when Labour approved the sale of a farm to Canadians.

Now he walked right into Judith Collins trap and has been caught lying like a flatfish.

The Government has flagged changes to allow road taxes to be spent on rail projects.

Confirmation of the proposal came today after National’s transport spokeswoman Judith Collins accused Transport Minister Phil Twyford of saying different things to different people over diverting road taxes to rail.

In a statement issued to the Herald, Twyford said it is the Government’s policy to fund road, rail and public transport out of the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).  

He said this would be done through the Government Policy Statement (GPS) currently being worked on and will be implemented in the next couple of years.

Twyford accused Collins of politicking but signalled changes for a new approach to the NLTF, including more emphasis on safety, more investment in regional roads and modern rapid transit for our cities.


Politicking? That’s what he has been doing for years. It is what politicians do. This man really is a slippery, oily, vainglorious tosspot.

Labour’s flagship rapid transit policy is to build modern trams, also known as light rail, from the Auckland CBD to the airport and from the CBD to West Auckland at a cost of $5 billion.

“It is not possible for the Government to take money from current roading projects in the Land Transport Fund. The Government is bound by legislation to operate within existing funding settings,” Twyford said.

So he says…but he’s lying.

Collins said Twyford had written to stakeholders last November outlining changes to the GPS are being considered,while his office was telling media last week that funding for road upgrades would not be redirected to rail.

“In his rush to erroneously claim that a number of roading projects aren’t under threat because of the Government’s obsession with Auckland rail, Mr Twyford has been saying different things to different people,” she said.

Collins said there is an important principle, adhered to by successive governments, ensuring the specific taxes paid by motorists are invested in newer, safer and better roads – helping keep New Zealanders connected and safe.

The National Land Transport Fund is paid for by road users to be invested in improving New Zealand’s roading network and it should remain that way,” she said.

Twyford said the Government has not altered any existing roading projects except Auckland’s East-West link and officials are working to identify a lower-cost, better-value option.

The Government is also allowing Auckland Council to introduce a regional petrol tax, believed to be 11.5 cents a litre, which will go to fund a range of projects, including the $3.4b City Rail Link and a share of the Government’s $5b light rail programme.

Caught red-handed and now blustering.

Last week, @PhilTwyford said he wasn’t planning to use the taxes & RUC paid into the National Land Transport Fund by petrol & diesel users for rail instead of roads. Yet, in November, that’s exactly what he wrote …


Judith Collins press release has more details:

Transport Minister Phil Twyford has confirmed the Government is considering diverting taxes paid by motorists who want better roads to rail instead, while insisting to media this won’t happen, National’s Transport Spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“This is an important principle, adhered to by successive governments, ensuring the specific taxes paid by motorists are invested in newer, safer and better roads – helping keep New Zealanders connected and safe. Road users pay taxes which are directly returned to them.

“But this now appears under threat, because of the Labour Party’s obsession with light rail in Auckland.

“Mr Twyford has written to stakeholders saying a number of changes to the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on land transport are being considered. Among the proposals is ‘exploring how rail investment is incorporated within the GPS and the National Land Transport Fund’.

“This is in spite of his office telling media last week that funding for road upgrades would not be redirected to rail.

“In his rush to erroneously claim that a number of roading projects aren’t under threat because of the Government’s obsession with Auckland rail, Mr Twyford has been saying different things to different people.

“This desperate grab for more taxes is the result of this free-spending Government realising how much it’s going to cost to build its pet rail line from Auckland’s CBD to the Airport – so it’s looking to divert funding from regional roads as a result.

Busted hard. Further, Judith Collins is bypassing media by speaking directly using Twitter:

I’m loving Phil’s explaining that it’s not this year’s money his trying to divert… it’s NEXT years’ Judith Collins is accusing the Government of diverting road taxes to rail, but Minister says no funding has been changed. …

National accuse Govt of ‘diverting’ road taxes to rail, but Transport Minister says that isn’t…

Judith Collins is accusing the Government of diverting road taxes to rail, but Minister says no funding has been changed.


Updated. I wonder if Phil Twyford realises that Most public transport is on buses and buses use – ROADS . Judith Collins is accusing the Government of diverting road taxes to rail, but Minister says no funding has been changed. …

National accuse Govt of ‘diverting’ road taxes to rail, but Transport Minister says that isn’t…

Judith Collins is accusing the Government of diverting road taxes to rail, but Minister says no funding has been changed.



-NZ Herald, National party, Twitter

Yet another academic activist in New Zealand telling us what to think

by SB on January 17, 2018 at 10:00am

A real restored picture of Abraham Lincoln from 1862. They used this picture to make the penny. There’s a confederate flag in the picture. Quick, Delete this now, burn all copies.

Lecturer outraged as Auckland Confederate flag flyer say ‘it’s part of history’

We live in New Zealand not America yet a busybody academic thinks that she can dictate to Kiwis what flags they are allowed to fly. When flags with swastikas are waved in Auckland during anti-Israel protests people like her say nothing. When New Zealand flags, American flags and Israeli flags are burned during protests in New Zealand people like her happily call it freedom of speech but when a historical flag from a very important part of American history (the Confederate flag) is waved she has kittens over it. It is the Golliwog outrage all over again.


ANDREW GORRIE/The Dominion Post
FLAMING STUNT: A member of the Republic of New Zealand Party burns a flag during a protest at Parliament.

[…] Confederate flag flyers at a family concert have no excuse for their racism, an Auckland academic says.

Elvis Flags on sale at Elvis Fest – The Annual Elvis Presley Tribute Festival at Porthcawl

The Confederate flag was seen flying at Elvis in the Park, on January 14, in West Auckland.

Its owner, Scotty, who did not give a last name, said he flew it for Presley.

“That’s America. This is Auckland.

Auckland academic Camille Nakhid

“The Confederate flag is no different to the stars and stripe. It’s the same country,” he said.



[…]had been flying the same flag at the event for 18 years, he said.

He said he had no problem with it and wouldn’t take it down.

“We’re not trying to be racist, we’re not trying to upset people.

“It’s a southern thing. It’s part of history. Elvis was from the south.”

He said he had always put the flag up and knew of its slavery connotations.

Camille Nakhid, an associate professor at Auckland University of Technology, said Kiwis were too afraid to question their complicity to racism.


And Academics like Nakhid are too eager to destroy history by encouraging people to tear down statues, monuments and flags just like ISIS.

It was the third consecutive year Nakhid had seen the flag at the Elvis Presley celebration event in Henderson.

“Being in New Zealand is not an excuse for not knowing.”

What she really means is that she expects New Zealanders to share her censorious view of historic memorabilia.

Nakhid said she would not tolerate ignorant people, racism and white privilege.

Surprise, surprise an intolerant academic who no doubt preaches tolerance on topics that she agrees with but is intolerant of viewpoints that she doesn’t share.

“We will call you out on this nonsense. Racism is racism. There is no scale.”

Her arrogance is astounding. She seriously thinks that her degree gives her the right to dictate to us all what is acceptable and what is not.

The Confederate flag was the emblem of the rebelling Southern states in the US Civil War.

Following the war, it became a symbol of southern pride and came to be an emblem for white supremacy groups.

Nakhid said those flying it needed to do a bit of reading about its history.

“It symbolises white supremacy, slavery and oppression of African Americans,” she said.

It also symbolises southern pride and the southern states. It does not have a single meaning.

Nakhid said this was why it was hard to get rid of racism.

“It goes to show how far there is to go here. It’s not going to change today or tomorrow.

“People just don’t want to know they’re complicit in maintaining racism,” she said.

– Stuff

The only person in this story keeping racism alive is Nakhid. To everyone else, all they see when they look at a confederate flag is a piece of American history.