Lunches in school cost $1.34


Government pay this

“the maximum budgets are $5.56 per lunch for years 0-3, $6.52 for years 4-8 and $8.29 for years 9-13. For lunches made by suppliers, it’s $5.78 for years 0-3, $6.77 for years 4-8, and $8.62 for years 9-13”

Where is all the extra money going

What about this lot of losers

Here are MP’s that own their own homes in Wellington & still claimed accommodation costs & travel in the last quarter. Data is accurate to the best of my knowledge. NZFirst, Act, Greens & TPM either did not claim any costs or they have no MP’s that own property in Wellington.


Just to make it clear,

Here’s why the Act Party’s Treaty Principles Bill isn’t part of an Atlas Network conspiracy:

1. The present Treaty Principles were created in 1975 without any public consultation

2. They have been used to decide: Who gets land. Who gets health care first. Who gets NZ On Air funding. Who gets jobs, etc.

3. The Act Party only want the Principles to reflect the actual Treaty Articles which, in the Maori version, say we’re all equal: What the above facts reveal: – There would be no monetary gain for David Seymour, the Act Party or any of their benefactors with Treaty Principles Bill – The inclusion of the Principles has given monetary gain, not only to Maori tribes, but to media organizations like TVNZ, elite Maori, and industries built around “The Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975” who want it to stay the same – Both Labour and National Governments and Maori have meddled with the Principles without any consultation with the Public