All Lives Matter

Nothing Racist in saying All Lives Matter, as it’s NOT.

If you think it is, Then your the racist.

Colour is only skin deep, so from being white skinned to a tan brown, to a Dark as tan (or black as they are called) isn’t racist, Just different skin pigment’s.

Your not Born a Racist, but you can be swayed to think that way. That’s not Colour, that’s a mind set.

I know a few Coloured that hate white people, So that’s racist, But for some reason it’s OK, but if a white hates a coloured, that’s not ok.

WHAT THE FUCK. Just get on with your lives,

I’ll rant more after a few Drinks.


4 Why can’t cyclists obey the rules?

by Deb on May 10, 2018 at 11:00am

I feel some education is needed for cyclists. Every morning, on my work commute, there are several road maggots who behave like the rules don’t apply to them.

It’s Wellington and there is a steep and narrow street, not wide enough for traffic to pass in both directions at the same time. The rule is that traffic heading downhill pulls to the left where there is space, and waits for the traffic coming up to pass. There are not many places to stop, so often the traffic backs up for most of the way uphill. It’s no drama. Once the lights change the traffic moves really quickly and you are rarely held up for more than one light sequence. But that is not good enough for the cyclists. They charge on down, in the space left clear for traffic to come uphill. They are important you see: no need to wait or observe rules. Rules are not for cyclists.

One day soon a car will turn into the street from the bottom and the cyclist will literally be a hood ornament. There may even be a red mist. I will have no sympathy for the cyclist. I will feel sorry for the driver, who has to scrape them off the hood and get their car repainted.
And that’s just the first peeve of the day.

Next, we come to the traffic lights. No need for cyclists to stop if the light is red. They are ‘special’. Everyone else will take evasive action. Rules are there to protect them, not to be obeyed.

Just this morning, while I was waiting patiently at my red-turn arrow, a cyclist passed me on my left, went straight through the red light (remember red lights are not for cyclists), went up on to the footpath (because they own those too) and then rode across not one, but two pedestrian crossings, and got the jump on traffic waiting obediently at the lights. What could I do? No licence plate to take down. No way to report them as a dangerous driver. If I said, “He had a red bike, a black beard and a fat backside in skinny Lycra pants”, well, I would have just described half of the cycling population of Wellington.

But I’m not even at work yet. After I park there is a short walk to the office, across a pedestrian crossing and along a few hundred metres of footpath. Cyclists do swerve to avoid me on the crossing, I will give them that but they should stop, behind the painted line, as cars are required to do, and wait until the crossing is clear. But, they don’t. Rules don’t apply to them you see.

I continue, on the footpath now. Safe as… well… actually, not safe at all. They ride on the footpath. Rules don’t apply to them you see. And, if you dare suggest that they should not be riding on the footpath, you usually get an earful of consonants. Like, somehow, you are in the wrong for suggesting that they be decent citizens.

Let’s take a look at what the NZTA has to say about cyclists and rules. Now, it’s OK. I will be repeating the important bits as I know it’s a lot to take in and it can be confusing when you are a cyclist. Quote:

What drivers would like cyclists to know

[…]Drivers expect cyclists to obey the road rules and to be courteous, ie using hand signals and not cycling through red traffic signals. […]  End of quote.

Drivers expect cyclists to obey the road rules, not cycle through red traffic signals.Quote:

What pedestrians would like cyclists to know

[…] If you are on a footpath with your cycle you should be walking with it, unless you are delivering mail or are cycling a wheeled recreation device that has a wheel diameter less than 355 millimetres (normally a tricycle or small child’s bicycle). […]  End of quote.

If you are on a footpath with your cycle you should be walking with it.Quote:

Sharing with pedestrians

[…] If you want to use a pedestrian crossing to cross the road you must get off your cycle and walk. The exception is at crossings with special traffic signals for cyclists – here you may cycle across the crossing when the signal shows a green cycle symbol. See Using shared pedestrian and cycle crossings for more information on these types of crossings. […]  End of quote.

If you want to use a pedestrian crossing to cross the road you must get off your cycle and walk.Quote:

Shared paths

[…] It is normally illegal to ride on footpaths, unless delivering mail or when cycling a wheeled recreational device that has a wheel diameter less than 355 millimetres (normally a tricycle or small child’s bicycle), but some councils have created shared paths that both cyclists and pedestrians can use.
Sometimes the shared path is sign posted to let you know what type of user has priority, and in this case, you need to give way to the user who has priority. When a shared path does not have priority signs, you should give way to the slower user. […]   End of Quote.

Once more for the dummies:

It is normally illegal to ride on footpaths.

When a shared path does not have priority signs, you should give way to the slower user. Quote:

If you are riding on a shared path you should:
[…] let pedestrians know you are there by politely calling out or ringing a bell when you are approaching from behind them

ride defensively and cycle at a speed that does not put others at risk. E-bikes should be in the lowest power setting. […]  End of quote.

The sound of a dinging bell from a bicycle gives me the urge to shove the bell up the nearest orifice. If your nose happens to get too close, you might just find that’s where the bell ends up. You have been warned. Fortunately, that’s only a suggestion rather than a rule, so use a bell at your peril.

But, do ride defensively and cycle at a speed that does not put others at risk.

Registering cyclists has a range of benefits, not least of which is the ability to prosecute the many who chose to not only ignore the rules but to blatantly flout them thereby putting others at risk. No other lawbreakers get off so easily. We need to get tough on cyclists.

Martin Devlin your a cunt, and a bad one at that

Your post is shit.

He was a great Player, and not all great players get into the All Blacks, It’s who knows who for that team. And they were lucky not to lose more games this year. More good players don’t get a chance.

As Sean Fitzpatrick said “it’s harder to get out of the all blacks, than to get in”.

Martin Devlin: What does Jimmy Gopperth’s UK player of the year award say for the British and Irish Lions?

18 May, 2017 10:50am

 2 minutes to read

Jimmy Gopperth … nice guy but what does his selection as player of the year mean for the Lions tour? Photo / File
NZ Herald
By: Martin Devlin

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Jimmy who?

Jimmy Gopperth, England club rugby player of the year.

Yep, you read that right.

Little Jimmy Gopperth is officially the best player in the English club premiership.

The players decided that last week when they named him Players’ Player of the Year. And just today he won the overall gong for English Premiership Player of the Year.

Now I don’t know Jimmy from a bar of soap. He’s probably a decent guy.

But I do know that he wasn’t exactly eagerly sought after by New Zealand rugby at Super Rugby level.

And I don’t recall the All Blacks selectors showing much interest either.

So Gopperth headed for greener financial pastures in England – and who can blame him.
But the fact he was won both premier individual awards in English club rugby says a lot about that competition.

It also says something about the British and Irish Lions.

If Gopperth has been able to poll more votes than influential Lions players like so-called match-winning No. 10 Owen Farrell and his Saracens team-mate Maro Itoje (another guy being massively talked up ahead of the New Zealand tour) then what chance are the touring party of winning?

Would Jimmy even get a Super Rugby guernsey anywhere in any of our teams right now?
Well, maybe the Blues.

In fact, I’d like a dollar for every Lions player who would make the cut in a NZ Super Rugby franchise. I’d be lucky to get enough to buy my lunch.

Mind you, most of them would make the Aussie teams …

Maori Rugby team

Why do we still have this team ?? as to be PC in today’s world, it’s a Raciest team.

Only people of Maori blood can play for it. Now that’s just Raciest.

Or is it only raciest if it’s against Maori.

Why not call it, New Zealand indigenous, oh wait, that would be people born of New Zealand, couldn’t have that as it wouldn’t be bending over for the Maori’s.

New Zealand European team sounds good, Now that would be a (White) right thing to have. Would that team be raciest ??

Maori’s tried to get rid of the Soccer team name for being raciest (All Whites), and that doesn’t care what blood you have.

HMMM makes New Zealand an apartheid country with what goes on here.

Rant over

Caitlyn Jenner

WTF is this getting headlines for.

Caitlyn Jenner looks ugly when he goes on tv (yes HE).

Gay as far as I see it.

Lets put it this way, Guy changes his looks to be a female, to then go out with a guy ?? Thats just GAY

And why they put it on a pedestal and say your wonderful etc, Do they say that about TG’s in general ?? NO.

Caitlyn Jenner is a man that wants to look like a girl, to go with a guy.

Simply SICK 

Thats my Opinion, rant over

North Korea

North Korea is playing a very silly game. They are targeting a lot of countries that would WIN if North Korea goes to war against.

Kim Jong Un, is unstable and a paranoid child that is blind to what he is saying.

The world needs these countries to sit and talk, and come to a common ground before the shit hits the fan.

ISIS and Kim Jong Un,  ???  think about it.


Holiday for Maori Land Wars

Interesting Idea.

Is it for the Battles Maori won, or for the Battles that the British won ??

Either way, Maori don’t need to have a day off, Most have every day off.

In the end, it will be a reason to cause arguments and Shit stir for the few that do it for the sake of it.

What about a Day off for the working man, to celebrate the income to the country for working .

Rant Over

I’m back

Been a hard year, Wife having the stroke, cutting back Work Hours to cover kids. Been a hard road for sure, No help sucked, But then I guess that’s just what happens when your white and work for yourself. Never been one for taking handouts anyway.


Lets hope this financial year works out better, Has to be as the ones I love are in the right side of the dirt pile. Kids are happy, Now to find a home as we just got notice we have to move. Bummer

Rant Over.

Maori did not give up sovereignty: Waitangi Tribunal

LOL, Another dumb statement.

A landmark ruling on the Treaty of Waitangi says Maori agreed to share power and authority with Britain, but did not agree to cede sovereignty over New Zealand.

The rangatira, or Maori leaders, who signed te Tiriti o Waitangi in February 1840 did not give up sovereignty to the British Crown, according to stage one of The Waitangi Tribunal’s inquiry into Te Paparahi o te Raki (the great land of the north) Treaty claims.

“That is, they did not cede authority to make and enforce law over their people or their territories,” the tribunal said.

*** from the Article 1 of the treaty it says. “cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England absolutely and without reservation all the rights and powers
of Sovereignty” ***

Shows they cant read their own treaty.

Shows that the Waitangi Tribunal is very racist indeed.