No Psychoactive Substance In the CBD

As a shop owner I find the sales of this Psychoactive Substance killing the East end of town.

Reason I’m against it is.

1/ Sick of the rubbish left, Drug packets and the people empting their car.

2/ Sick of the abuse when they go around the back of the shop to go to the toilet (against the wall) (As there is no toilet in the green area).

3/ Sick of seeing them hop  in their cars and then smoke the stuff before driving off.

4/ The language they use is driving the people that come to this end of town to buy from the shops.

5/ The  green area in Warren street is just a place for them to smoke the stuff in public, They don’t care if there are families with kids, the users just light their bongs ( or empty the rubbish bins to find an empty can to use) smoke and use bad language to a point the families get up and leave.

6/ It should be illegal to use / smoke in public places.

7/ It should be banned in the CBD

8/ When it’s raining they stand under the veranda’s and smoke the stuff, it then drifts into the shop and stinks the shop out, Or we have to close the doors (lose customers for door shut or they are too scared to stop).


That’s my Rant  LOL