This would be Because they broke the Law

WOW This is so basic, You break the law and you can go to jail.

Shows how (As I See It) some don’t care about the law

Nearly every Maori family has a member who has been labelled a criminal, parliament has been told.

The Maori Party says that’s a disgrace and the justice system is flawed.

“Maori are 15 per cent of the population yet we are 50 per cent of the prison population,” co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell said during Wednesday’s general debate.

“But it’s not just the proportion of prisoners who are Maori, it’s the proportion of Maori who are actually prisoners.”

Mr Flavell said for Maori males born in 1975 it was estimated that 22 per cent had served a custodial or community sentence before their 20th birthday.

By the time they were 35, 44 per cent had served a custodial or community sentence.

“This means that virtually every Maori whanau in the country will have someone who has been labelled a criminal,” Mr Flavell said.

Had to laugh at this.

Jail is where you go when you break the LAW.  So this just shows that Maori break the law more than other races in NZ. Face up to the FACTS

The government needs to face up to the unfair treatment of Maori in the criminal justice system, the Green Party says.

A United Nations working group has recommended the government undertake a review of the degree of inconsistencies and systemic bias against Maori at all levels of the criminal justice system.

The working group noted that Maori are over-represented in the prison population and warned that incarceration that is the outcome of bias “constitutes arbitrary detention in violation of international law”.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says it’s not OK to have a legal system that sends more Maori to prison with longer sentences.