Maori kids getting the bash isn’t Maori’s fault (LOL)


An inquiry has found that the cause behind the high rate of child abuse and domestic violence amongst Maori is rooted in colonisation.

The first report of the $3 million Glenn Inquiry called the ‘People’s Report’ into social problems was released on Monday and a blueprint for change would be released later in the year.

The report points to widespread dysfunction in the courts, particularly the Family Court, and broken, poorly resourced and disconnected social services as barriers to dealing with the problem of abuse.

The testimony of 500 survivors, frontline workers and offenders was recorded to highlight the depth of the problem and calls for a national strategy.

The report says Maori culture holds tamariki and wahine in high esteem. However, European colonisation taught tangata whenua new ways of privileging men – rendering women and children as possessions and contributing to male violence against them.”


What a load of crap that is. If that was the case, then Europeans would be doing the same thing.

Only thing the maori learnt at this point is to live on the dole and ask for hand outs.


My rant over