The Common Room Hastings

227 Heretaunga St East, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay

BIG LOSER to you

Last night 8/2/2014 as I was walking past there was a young child (8 years old maybe) sitting on a stool out side.

WHY you ask.

The family was in having a feed inside(i guess he was under age). On my way home it got to me that they would give a stool and leave him outside (was raining).

I felt sad for the child (Samoa or Pacific islander at-least).

Never going there to support the place with morals like that.

Rant Over

Good on ya Kiwi’s

Great Cricket, Don’t blame the umpires as they are calling it as they see it, Good or bad, it goes both ways.

The current Team makes it worth watching as it’s not a ass kicking any more.

Stick with the team you have and grow