Another WTF

Homeless sleeping on the streets etc,

It’s a life choice for most of them,

One winger, Solo Mum 8 kids. Lets think about it for a second ???… Where are the Dad’s of those kids to help, Who’s fault is it for her to pop out so many ??

People put themselves in this position and it’s the Governments fault ???

Most are Maori, So where is the IWI’s to help, they get so much money that they could help out their people.

Not the Hard working Tax paying people.

Hamilton begger on the street, and has $75,000 in the bank, Where is all this WINZ money going with these people.

Lifestyle choice is a lifestyle choice.



Now the government is to blame for Maori etc not owning homes.

Get with the basic’s here,

Get a Job, Save and buy a house


Sit on your arse and be a bludger, and get nothing.

Simply put for the whingers about this, They Don’t own homes as they don’t WORK, The only way it could be the Governments fault, IS because they let the DOLE be a lifestyle rather than a short time fix.

They want to own homes, then they should get off their ARSE and earn a living