Where Is the Outrage, Hatred and Persecution?

by Guest Post on June 28, 2019 at 9:00am

By George

I was driving about town yesterday and the radio was tuned to RNZ. I was listening to a 12.00pm news bulletin when Dr Mustafa Farouk, the president of the Federation of Islamic Associations NZ, was interviewed. He was asked what his views were concerning the “End of Life Bill”. His response was that Muslims are opposed to it. He then ended his response by stating:

“Lives should be maintained and should not be taken and even if a person was to kill themselves and that person would dwell in hell forever”.

You know where I’m going with this. Farouk’s comment is on par with Israel Folau’s religious views and could set the whole Folau debate on its head. There is an absolute parallel context in this response from the FIANZ president to the Folau biblical quotes.

(Listen to the audio from 3:30 onwards.)

Where the hell is the outrage, the hatred, the persecution and most significantly the MSM’s self-righteous indignation? They aimed it at Folau’s religious beliefs but ignore it when the same threat of “rotting in hell” is aimed at a segment of New Zealand society by the president of FIANZ.

Photoshopped image credit Boondecker

Of course, one’s a Christian and the other is a Muslim. The left and the MSM are all hypocritical cowards whose selective and censored points of view have been exposed for all to see.

So to all you medical professionals who participate in ending a life, to all you politicians who voted for the “End of Life Bill” and to all of you who choose to end your life: this is what’s in store for you according to the Koran and the president of FIANZ, Dr Mustafa Farouk.

“Hell is a place of everlasting punishment which includes being chained and dragged through fetid water and then tossed into the Fire; having boiling water poured on one’s head until internal organs are eaten away; having skin seared off only to have it restored to be seared off again and again; and being beaten with iron maces before being thrown into the Fire.”

Peace be with you from the religion of peace.