What’s Better than Watching a Trainwreck? Watching Ten Trainwrecks

by SB on June 28, 2019 at 8:30am
That is NOT her happy face.

Apparently, if a minister fails to make progress on a portfolio the answer is to appoint an entire team of ministers to fail to make progress on the portfolio. A negative times a negative makes a positive in maths but I don’t think that multiplying failure by a large number of ministers will equal success somehow.

It is as if Ardern has created a ministerial working group. Labour and their working groups huh? They love their working groups.

It was so hard to settle on a headline for this post.

Face Palm Moment?

Clown Cuckoo Land?

Will she sack ten ministers when they inevitably fail to deliver? It is like she created the Ministry for Everything. Then again why stop at ten? She should have ninety ministers. That way it can’t fail. More will make it fail-proof as it will be too big to fail.

Perhaps the idea is to be able to spread the blame so that no one minister has to take the fall? A team approach makes accountability that much more difficult.

Megan Woods with her PhD in History has been put in charge of the team of ministers. She stuffed up the Oil and Gas industry and now she is having a go at the Building industry. I wonder how long it will take before she stuffs that up? Woods remember, said that she could build 4.5 wind farms per year so 10,000 houses should be easy!

Yet again we have someone with zero experience in building and construction as the Minister of Housing. Her team is not much better. How much construction experience has her helpers, Faafoi, Twyford, Mahuta and Salesa got I wonder? Something is terribly wrong here.

Judith Collins will be ecstatic with the cabinet reshuffle as it is a target rich environment. Maybe she will ask where the ‘equalidy’ is in a cabinet that has 14 men and only 6 women. Perhaps Ardern will reply that she doesn’t need ‘equalidy’ when she has so much ‘diversiddy.’

Since Judith is now going to take on half the cabinet she might as well become the leader and be done with it.