Yet another academic activist in New Zealand telling us what to think

by SB on January 17, 2018 at 10:00am

A real restored picture of Abraham Lincoln from 1862. They used this picture to make the penny. There’s a confederate flag in the picture. Quick, Delete this now, burn all copies.

Lecturer outraged as Auckland Confederate flag flyer say ‘it’s part of history’

We live in New Zealand not America yet a busybody academic thinks that she can dictate to Kiwis what flags they are allowed to fly. When flags with swastikas are waved in Auckland during anti-Israel protests people like her say nothing. When New Zealand flags, American flags and Israeli flags are burned during protests in New Zealand people like her happily call it freedom of speech but when a historical flag from a very important part of American history (the Confederate flag) is waved she has kittens over it. It is the Golliwog outrage all over again.


ANDREW GORRIE/The Dominion Post
FLAMING STUNT: A member of the Republic of New Zealand Party burns a flag during a protest at Parliament.

[…] Confederate flag flyers at a family concert have no excuse for their racism, an Auckland academic says.

Elvis Flags on sale at Elvis Fest – The Annual Elvis Presley Tribute Festival at Porthcawl

The Confederate flag was seen flying at Elvis in the Park, on January 14, in West Auckland.

Its owner, Scotty, who did not give a last name, said he flew it for Presley.

“That’s America. This is Auckland.

Auckland academic Camille Nakhid

“The Confederate flag is no different to the stars and stripe. It’s the same country,” he said.



[…]had been flying the same flag at the event for 18 years, he said.

He said he had no problem with it and wouldn’t take it down.

“We’re not trying to be racist, we’re not trying to upset people.

“It’s a southern thing. It’s part of history. Elvis was from the south.”

He said he had always put the flag up and knew of its slavery connotations.

Camille Nakhid, an associate professor at Auckland University of Technology, said Kiwis were too afraid to question their complicity to racism.


And Academics like Nakhid are too eager to destroy history by encouraging people to tear down statues, monuments and flags just like ISIS.

It was the third consecutive year Nakhid had seen the flag at the Elvis Presley celebration event in Henderson.

“Being in New Zealand is not an excuse for not knowing.”

What she really means is that she expects New Zealanders to share her censorious view of historic memorabilia.

Nakhid said she would not tolerate ignorant people, racism and white privilege.

Surprise, surprise an intolerant academic who no doubt preaches tolerance on topics that she agrees with but is intolerant of viewpoints that she doesn’t share.

“We will call you out on this nonsense. Racism is racism. There is no scale.”

Her arrogance is astounding. She seriously thinks that her degree gives her the right to dictate to us all what is acceptable and what is not.

The Confederate flag was the emblem of the rebelling Southern states in the US Civil War.

Following the war, it became a symbol of southern pride and came to be an emblem for white supremacy groups.

Nakhid said those flying it needed to do a bit of reading about its history.

“It symbolises white supremacy, slavery and oppression of African Americans,” she said.

It also symbolises southern pride and the southern states. It does not have a single meaning.

Nakhid said this was why it was hard to get rid of racism.

“It goes to show how far there is to go here. It’s not going to change today or tomorrow.

“People just don’t want to know they’re complicit in maintaining racism,” she said.

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The only person in this story keeping racism alive is Nakhid. To everyone else, all they see when they look at a confederate flag is a piece of American history.