The misgendering must stop

by SB on October 13, 2017 at 2:30pm

I just watched a cringe-inducing video with a patronising narrator so annoying that I wanted to tell ‘her’ er ‘him’ er ‘it’ grrrrr ‘they’ to STFU

The video is a propaganda video to educate stupid white girls. The purpose of the video is to not only prevent the newly created sin of ‘misgendering’ but also to criticise and belittle. In the video when the girl is enthusiastic and supportive of a Transgender person’s personal pronoun that is unacceptable. When she apologises for calling a girl ‘her’ or ‘she’ and cries then that is unacceptable too. When she points out that ‘they’ is plural not singular and not grammatically correct to describe a single person then that also is the wrong thing to do.

Basically being an attractive white girl with the wrong opinion or reaction is a crime and you need to be re-educated by a white transgender who is dumpy, unattractive and frizzy-haired.


I do agree that the misgendering must stop but the people who are doing the misgendering are the people who claim that they identify as something they are not. Those who point out the objective reality are not misgendering they are stating nothing less than the truth.

While homosexuality has been a part of mankind forever Transgenderism is a modern creation. It has even become fashionable to identify as Transgender and the tiny minority of people who actually have the mental illness of gender dysphoria have been swamped by the majority who are either attention seekers or those who do not feel that they fit into society because they are socially awkward and think that transgenderism is a good way to explain that inability to fit in.

If you want to identify as an attack helicopter or as transgender knock yourself out. You are also free to believe in fairies and Santa Claus. What you don’t get to do is to lecture me on how I should react to your fantasy.

Believing in Santa Claus hurts no one and if you want to dress like a man and say you are a man then that doesn’t affect me one little bit. However, you cannot demand that I share your belief in Santa Claus or your belief that you are a man. I will call you Bob even if that is not your name if that is what you want to be called but I will not call you ‘him’ or ‘they.’

The only people misgendering these days are those who claim to be something they biologically are not.