Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters got this right

Race-Based Prison Goes Against Justification For Ngawha Being Built

Labour’s plan to turn Ngawha prison in Northland into an all-Maori jail goes against the justification for the prison being built in the first place and, further, race-based policies don’t work, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“When it was proposed to build Ngawha prison the rationale justifying it was that prisoners of the North would be closer to families and that proximity to the families was important for their rehabilitation.

“Family and friends would not face the inconvenience and expense of having to travel to prisons in Auckland for visits.
“If Ngawha, built in 2005 by Labour, is to be Maori only, the justification for building Ngawha is being overlooked, and non-Maori and their families will have to travel to Auckland.
“Kelvin has a credible record on penal policy but he needs to think this through more carefully because what he implied is that a prison for non-Maori will have to be built up North.
“What’s next? All Maori criminal courts? An all-Maori police force?
“If we are to have all-Maori prisons, are we now going to build jails for non-Maori also?” says Mr Peters.