Rachel goes in to bat for Judith

by WH on June 13, 2019 at 8:30am

First we had Martin Martyn Bradbury writing sensible things and calling out the hypocrisy of his left-wing friends. Now Rachel Stewart has criticised the vitriol of the tribal left and wondering what happened to the sisterhood of feminism.

[…] The mere mention of her name sees the more fragile among us rattling off a frenzy of common [Judith Collins] stereotypes. Then when they’ve eventually exhausted themselves ranting about her on social media, and other odious outlets of meaninglessness, they surely must flee to a darkened room for a cup of tea and a lie down.

What is it about Collins that makes reasonably intelligent people instantly turn into blithering idiots? She’s not a flesh-eating zombie or a snake-headed Medusa and, if you think she is, you need to get out more. Or read some history books. […]

Anyway, my prediction? She’ll be leading the National Party into the next election. It may be a bit too early for her but a hell of a lot can happen between now and then. The world is looking increasingly dangerous and enough voters may well see her as a pair of safe hands in troubled times.

Now, just even suggesting that scenario means there are some who will call me right-wing (I’m not) or a traitor (it’s called free speech) or a clumsy contrarian (maybe) but, guess what? I reckon Collins is the single most maligned and misunderstood female politician we’ve ever had. She’s been dealing with naked vitriol for years.

It’s possibly our shared rural sensibility but that, right there, is why I’ll always have a sneaking regard for Collins. Victimhood is not part of her deal, and in our new era of loudly howling at the moon about every real or imagined slight, I expect the backlash to it will be in full swing come election day. […]

I simply can’t abide the endless sneery self-described feminists who rush to the defence of any woman on their team who is even mildly attacked by a pundit, yet never, ever, raise a finger to point out what’s happening to those on the right of the stage. In fact, they’ll happily join in with the chorus of men attacking Collins by using her gender against her.

Newsflash: Feminism is not a buffet you can pick and choose from. “Oh, I’ll eat that cake but I won’t touch those broad beans”. It doesn’t work like that. We’re either here for all our sisters, or none of our sisters. Don’t call yourself a feminist if you aren’t.

Because, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Collins is consistently there for all the sisters. Golriz Ghahraman was feeling attacked recently and she spoke up in her defence. I’m pretty sure that Collins agrees with virtually nothing Ghahraman says or believes but, there she was defending her.

Did you also notice Collins openly praising Jacinda Ardern in Parliament for her handling of the Christchurch mosque attacks? It was unequivocal and full-throated. Classy, even.

Yet, I’ve never seen the same graciousness towards her from the left of the House. Have I missed it? I’ve been looking. So far, nothing. […]