Three passengers on the same flight from Auckland to Sydney test positive for covid-19 and we are supposed to believe we have no community transmission?

Second Covid-19 positive case on Auckland to Sydney flights

A New Zealand woman says she has tested positive for Covid-19 after flying from Auckland to Sydney just over a week ago.

The woman – who didn’t want to be named – took off on July 20 aboard Air NZ flight NZ103 and went straight into quarantine in Sydney.

Australian authorities then tested her on her second day in quarantine before her results came back positive for Covid-19 on July 26.

Her positive result comes after another passenger was late last night also revealed to have tested positive to Covid-19 after flying from Auckland to Sydney on July 6.

Passengers on board that flight seated in rows 22 through to 26 were being contacted by health officials both here and across the Tasman.

In Auckland, the regional public health service was following up with household contacts and other contacts as appropriate, Stuff reported.

There was a suspicion the person may have been a previously unconfirmed case from March, and that was responsible for the positive test result.

The woman said she assumed Australian authorities would have automatically alerted New Zealand health officials to her positive test.

However, after reading about the Korean traveller who tested positive to Covid-19 after returning from New Zealand to South Korea earlier this month, the woman decided to ring New Zealand’s health hotline to make sure.

She discovered authorities were unaware of her case.