A Gun Register Won’t Stop Theft or Anything Else

In response to criticism from law-abiding gun owners of the CoL’s latest brain fart of creating a National Gun register, the PM has changed tack.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a proposed gun register isn’t about law-abiding firearms owners, but rather the people who steal them.”

This woman is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. The Gun register isn’t about law-abiding gun owners? Really? So how does that work then? The criminals are going to register their illegal guns onto the National register, are they?

“But Ardern said it’s important to make a distinction that the reforms aren’t about cracking down on “law-abiding” firearms users.“Nine percent of crime committed with firearms are committed by licenced firearm holders so there are still a few, but by and large they are law-abiding.“However, it doesn’t stop their guns being stolen, potentially if they’re not held and secured properly and then entering into the black market.“So this does give us a bit more information and help us track those weapons.

Hmm… so is she proposing to fit all guns with a GPS tracker then? That would require the police to start to properly investigate burglaries which are a crime that has been a very low priority for many years.

Let’s say that I register my legal gun and store it in my legal gun safe that has been checked as meeting security requirements by the police in order for me to get my gun licence. Somehow it gets stolen despite my security being approved by the police. Then what? Are the cops going to call me and say, “We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that we’ve found your gun. The bad news is that it was used in a mass shooting. But thanks for registering and helping to make New Zealand a safer place”

As for the 9% of licenced gun owners who kill using their registered weapons, they will still commit their crimes of passion or kill themselves just as they did before the National Gun Register. In fact when you think about it logically, a National Gun Register would not have prevented the Australian terrorist from killing all those people in Christchurch. What would have stopped him would have been if the police had enforced existing laws more carefully.

A National Gun Register won’t stop guns being stolen or guns being used in crimes just like a dictionary won’t stop people making spelling mistakes. All motor vehicles are registered but that doesn’t stop people using them to speed or drive drunk and it doesn’t prevent them from having accidents.

Additionally, There are currently some idiotic proposals to register magazines! Gun magazines don’t have serial numbers which tells you what the IQ level is of the people making these proposals.

At the end of the day, the question that the MSM should be asking Ardern is this. How does a National Gun register stop terrorists/criminals from getting their hands on guns?

The answer is of course that it won’t stop them at all. The Christchurch terrorist legally obtained his guns. This is yet another expensive exercise in virtue signalling.