Has someone spiked Heather’s drink?

by WH on June 3, 2019 at 8:30am
Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

When the left-leaning media start putting the boot into our socialist government, things are getting serious. Did Heather wake up and have a sip of reality one morning?

Just like that, the rainbows and unicorns have vanished.

Where on earth did HPDA get that imagery from? It seems that her faith in a government that could be transformational, transparent and kind has been shattered as she says we have just witnessed one of the most brutal Budget weeks in living memory.

If ever there was a chance to transform, it was with the Wellbeing Budget. We were told it was a world-first. The OECD would be watching. It was “different”. It was promising “intergenerational change”.

That gets a ‘Fail’ from HPDA.

It was supposed to usher in a New and Amazing and Caring way of looking after our citizens. It sounded like a whoopee cushion instead.

This was supposed to be the most open and transparent government in the history of New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern told us that. […]

Another ‘Fail’ from HPDA.

Either Robertson knew what he was claiming [about criminal behaviour linked to the Opposition] wasn’t true, or he made an error so rookie it’s embarrassing. Either he played along with the hack claim to smear the Opposition, or he made a big mistake.

If it’s the former, it shreds the idea that this is the most open and transparent government in the history of the world. If it’s the latter, Robertson should tell Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf not to bother turning up to work on Tuesday after giving him wrong information.

And lastly, Heather asks, “Is this Government as kind as the PM keeps telling us it is?” and awards a third ‘Fail’.

What’s kind about Speaker Trevor Mallard accusing a man of rape when the real accusation against him was closer to a hug. An accusation that wasn’t even upheld.

It looks a lot like Mallard ran his mouth off about a rapist, freaked people out, realised he was in trouble for grossly exaggerating, and found a convenient way to put it to bed by announcing this guy was stood down from his job. That felt like scape-goating. It felt like Mallard put his job ahead of this man’s.

Is that kind? No. It’s not even living in the same city as kindness.

Heather is clearly not feeling the well-being.

This past week has shown us this Government is growing up. The awkward, pimply-faced, “I want to change the world” nonsense has vanished. The unicorns have been shot and eaten for dinner.

In the end, can you blame them? Politics doesn’t run on rainbow vapour. It’s brutal, ugly, cut-throat real politik.

Turns out this Government is getting pretty good at that kind of politics.